Trinity County Defense Attorney Arrested on Charges of Soliciting Sex for Money and Also for Drunk Driving

Press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office:

RISKEOver the last several months, the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office Detective Division, has received multiple complaints that Derrick Riske had been contacting women within the community and propositioning them for sexual acts for money. An undercover operation using an audio wire was conducted in which enough information was obtained that the Trinity County District Attorney’s Office issued a warrant for Riske’s arrest on charges of soliciting prostitution, sexual battery, engaging and agreeing to engage in prostitution. Deputies and CHP Officers were advised of the warrant on Friday, March 25, 2016, and Derrick Riske was subsequently located downtown Weaverville at approximately 4:25pm. A CHP Officer conducted a traffic stop on Derrick Riske and Trinity County Sheriff’s Deputies assisted. Derrick Riske was found to be driving while under the influence and was subsequently arrested on the warrant and DUI charges. Derrick Riske was booked and later cited on the misdemeanor charges.
We believe there may be other victims in this matter. If you were a victim or know someone who was please contact Trinity County Sheriff’s Detective Jayme Bayley at 530-623-8104.



  • Victims?! Because he used words to offer you money for sex? Hey- he offered you money and left the choice up to you. I’m not sure that’s a “victim”, just an offended woman.

  • everybody pays for sex in one way or another. He offered her money for a service, a bilateral contract, she said no, end of story. nothing illegal about that.

    • sharpen your pencil

      You don’t know the wording he used or how he conducted himself while committing these eledged offenses. [edit]

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      I thought “battery” involved physical assault, not simply an inappropriate request. We’ll see what facts emerge. If there was no violence, coercion or stalking and harassment, then he was trying to circumvent the dinner-drinks-movie, time-and-expenses, and cut to the chase. I’m not completely comfortable with prostitution as a crime.

    • I have to wonder about the IQ of the average reader of this blog. A PUBLIC Defender is being PAID by YOUR tax dollars. Most of the women were clients assigned him as their SUPPOSED defender in court, hence their being in his *supposed* law office (an old jewelry store).

      Just an FYI, long before this arrest, bumper stickers were around Trinity County that read “You’re at risk if you get Riske.”

      Also, court had only been out a matter of minutes when he was past the legal limit for driving which translates to being sloshed in court.

  • Legalize prostitution. Sexual battery’s a different thing.

  • In a state as morally corrupt as California the only reason prostitution isn’t legal is the crooked politicians in the Assembly haven’t figured out a way to tax it yet.

    • Life is good, you`re right about that, If asking a woman for sex is a crime I would be doing life. That is how I have meet all my wife’s, For all we know this attorney could of had a makings of a life long relationship. She turned him down, I am sure he will be a repeat offender as I was. Now I am happily married but it started by trying to have sex with her. She caught me , now I am a happy prisoner.

  • This guy is the Trinity County Public Defender

  • Michael P. Acosta, Esq.

    You can’t pay or get paid for sex but you can pay or get paid to film or star in a porno…See, if he just told those women he was making commercial porn and then filmed the dirty deed it would have been legal. You’d think a lawyer would have set that defense up, especially if he was going big with it in a small pond.

  • Derrick Riske is and always has been an ass! After being paid to represent my Husband in 1989, for growing pot, he t alked us into signing our 160 acre ranch, over to the Govt.. He was paid by us for help…Not loss of everything!
    Then he became DA?! Who’s side was he really on?

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