[UPDATE: Homeowner Says, ‘We Lost Everything’] Bedroom Fire Spreading to Attic in McKinleyville

A fire is spreading from a bedroom up into the attic in a residence on the 1100 block of Azalea Ave. According to the scanner, the incident was reported in McKinleyville about 8:25 p.m. Crews are on the scene.
UPDATE 8:42 p.m.: “The fire is knocked down. Request one more engine,” says the Incident Commander.

UPDATE 8:53 p.m.: According to scanner traffic, reports from witnesses indicate that before the fire started, there was an argument heard in the residence, then gunshots were heard, and individuals fled the scene before firefighters arrived.

UPDATE 8:56 p.m.: Red Cross is being requested for two adults and two children, according to scanner traffic.

UPDATE 7:51 a.m.: We contacted the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department this morning. The sergeant on duty said he is looking into this but he believes there were no gunshots nor argument. In the comment section, someone we believe to have been there states that the witnesses were mistaken. She states,

This was my home. Six people (four children) and two loved pets lived here. There was no fighting or gun shots. The fire was out of control quicker than we could contain it. Any yelling was our frantic cries to get our children to safety. Our family lost everything tonight.



  • Can’t we all just get along

  • There were NO gunshots. Whoever said that is lying. This was an accidental fire. STOP slandering my friends. This is a wonderful family with small children who have just suffered a horrible tragedy. How dare you. Kym Kemp, why do you just post whatever people tell you?? Shame on you.

  • Did these morons ever think that what they heard was everyone yelling to get out because the house was on fire???

  • This is my home my family my life. How dare you. There was no argument or gunshots. Just my husvand yelling for us to get our kids and two pets out of our home. Shame on you. We just feel blessed that our family is all safe. Rumor and gossip serve no good. For the decent people out there please think good thoughts for my kids. They are devestated

    • Jaime, after investigation, we believe the initial reports were wrong. We’ve left up the witnesses reports but put lines through them to indicate they are incorrect. We’ve added your words to the post. Please let us know if there will be a fundraiser and we’ll post the information.

  • I would like to say that this article is total BS. I am the homeowner who was yelling to save my family. Wait till you know your facts before posting. BTW my family lost everything.

  • This information is in curate and I’m asking you to please do the right thing and remove the untruths. This was my home. Six people (four children) and two loved pets lived here. There was no fighting or gun shots. The fire was out of control quicker than we could contain it. Any yelling was our frantic cries to get our children to safety. Our family lost everything tonight. Please be honest in your journalism and not add vinegar to our wounds

    • I’m sorry you lost your home but as a parent I’m glad your family made it out safely I’ve had my experience with trying to grab my family & scramble out of our home that was burning atleast you & your family are safe & out of the weather

  • Also,”individuals fled the scene”????? Try, the family with two babies and a small child exited their burning house, running for their lives, and got into the eldest child’s car, and drove out of the driveway to save their lives and allow access for fire trucks. Please please please tell me who is the one making up those lies!! I’d love to pay them a visit and set them straight. In the meantime, maybe you could pray for this family of 6 that just lost their home in a terrible accident.

  • So sorry for the family who lost their house and belongings. I’m glad you made it out safely. But I have to speak out for Kym who may be our best journalist. Please note that the reports of yelling and shots were lifted from the law enforcement scanners and was attributed as such. And that it was “reported”, which means that somebody said this to law enforcement, not that it is fact, or that she is reporting it as fact. I know that this is a bad time for you and your family, but your energy is better spent healing and recovering from the trauma you have suffered than in blindly striking out at others who are, if you could only see it, trying to assist.
    And thank you Kym for your work and your patience. You Rock.

  • To the amazing neighbor that reached out to the family and took them into their home while the fire engines came, you are a true hero. When we got there, the kids (had been getting ready for bed and) had very little clothes on and no shoes or socks on their feet and were out in the pouring rain when this neighbor took them inside. People started showing up and dropping off clothes and donations immediately. One friend showed up after going shopping for pjs, socks and underwear, and fun blankets for the little ones. Also brought diapers etc.. Seriously a great community. This neighbor was so generous to allow us all in her home for the few hours it took for the reports to be finished and the family to gather and go to the hotel. When a tragedy hits, it’s so good to see people coming together to help eachother. I love you guys and am so glad you are all ok. Now we begin the rebuild. We’ve got your back.

  • Seems like arguing comes natural. Maybe there was an argument judging by their reaction to this post. Even after it was corrected. Still arguing. Go give your kids some love, no need to defend yourselves. Sorry for your loss.

    • You think they may have been arguing over how to exit the burning house and how to move the car from the driveway so firetrucks could make access?

  • Atleast they made it out before it was to late I’m sorry they lost their home this isn’t the best of weather to lose your roof especially if you have kids hopefully their able to find a place to call home

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