Victim Had Pocketknife in His Hand, Says Witness to Saturday Night’s Homicide


Jeremy Voris [Photo used with permission from his Facebook page.]

When fatal gunshots rang out south of Hammond Park just before 10 last night, Jeremy Voris, combat vet and former deputy sheriff was only a few blocks away picking up a buddy. “I heard five or six gunshots,” he recounted to us in an interview this afternoon. He and his friend headed towards the scene.

“We saw a guy laying on the street,” Voris said, “[and] a guy just standing there…No vehicles for half a block in either direction.”

The man lying down on Watson Street near F Street had a gunshot wound in his chest, explained the former deputy sheriff. “The victim had a pocketknife in his hand. It wasn’t all the way open. It was just a small pocket knife. I kicked it away. Once I started treating him, I grabbed it and put it in my pocket and gave it to EPD when they got there.”


Jeremy Voris and Briyan Marquardt [Photo taken a month ago provided by Voris]

Almost immediately, Voris and his friend began working to save the victim. “We started doing first aid,” he said. His friend, Briyan Marquardt, called 911.

The victim, recounted Voris, was not able to answer any questions. “He was just moaning and rolling back and forth.”

Voris was uneasy. “I was concerned that the [shooter] was still around–that we weren’t entirely safe,” he said.

The other man who had been standing at the scene when Voris and Marquardt arrived appeared worried about the victim according to Voris. “He seemed concerned about the guy so I assumed he was a friend.” However, eventually, Voris said, the man who had been standing there “took off.”

The former sheriff’s deputy estimates about five minutes passed between the time he arrived on scene and when Eureka Police arrived.

Later, Voris overheard on police radios that another man had also been shot and was now at the hospital.

The man Voris tried to save, died, leaving him “a little shaken up” by the experience. “I kinda expected that kind of thing when we were overseas or when I was a cop. You don’t expect those things when you are a civilian.”

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