Letter Writer Worried About Proposed Cannabis Cultivation Operation at Rolling Meadow Ranch, Located Near McCann

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Humboldt County residents and stakeholders in the cannabis industry, please be advised: an out of state entity is seeking permits for a vast, unprecedented cultivation operation in our midst. The Florida-based owner of Rolling Meadow Ranch seeks County approval for 5.73 acres of mixed light cultivation, in 16 greenhouses, with 33,750 square feet of processing facilities, occurring year-round, on remote, rural wildlands, on top of wetlands and immediately adjacent to the Main Stem of the Eel River. Proposed water usage is approximately 4,628,000 gallons per year, extracted from three wells on the property. It will be entirely dependent upon PG&E, and requires the further incursion of power lines into extremely fire prone areas. Essentially it is a huge indoor operation, with no intention of organic or regenerative cultivation practices.

This project poses grave issues related to access, environmental degradation, water usage, enhanced wildfire risk, and community safety. The project, as proposed, subverts the rules and intent of the Cannabis Cultivation Ordinances and the Humboldt County General Plan, and violates all best practices of ethical environmental stewardship. It is a clear example of Humboldt County wealth extraction, irrevocably damaging the local environment and community, a story reminiscent of the naked corporate greed of Charles Hurwitz’s Maxxam Corporation.

This project will unfairly exploit, capitalize on, and dilute the value of the Humboldt County cannabis brand that dedicated, craft, legacy sun grown cannabis farmers have fought long and hard for, while despoiling and poisoning our beautiful home.

I urge citizens to review the ISMND at the link provided below.

Also, please see the San Francisco Chronicle and Humboldt Independent articles from 2016 for context and history.

The public comment period for this project closes on December 30, 2020. All comments should be directed to the Humboldt County Planning Department. A public hearing before the Planning Commission is set for January 7th, at 6PM, via Zoom. I invite all to participate, join the debate, and share their thoughts on this egregious proposal. 

Thank you, Mary Gaterud


Allure of legal weed is fueling land rush in Emerald Triangle – SFChronicle.com

$20 Million Myers Flat Land Deal Falls Through — The Humboldt Independent



  • They should make it so that you need to live here (not just own) for at least 5 or 10 years before you can apply for a permit.
    Somebody’s pockets are getting lined.

    • Rich keep getting richer these people don’t even do the work there self all there doing is putting the money up for soom investor and soom poor soles to do all the hard labor so they can get richer if your going to do a grow that big and invest that much money you could do it anywhere

    • That’s what Oklahoma did residency for 2 years and tax returns .

      • I agree with that but should be more like 5 or 10.

        • I agree with this in spirit but there are many growers who have not been able to afford to buy property or sold it unluckily. Or the current property is in someone elses name. Due to trouble with receive mail in rural places, many keep their parents address with the IRS. I don’t think we should punish these folks and there has been feedback in Santa Cruz that these regulations were a little bit too stringent and kept good honest people out of the game. Plus folks who have lived in Mendo or Trinity county cant come to Humboldt? Thats kind of messed up. Also, some need investors (like parents) or partners to start or buy a grow. These people may not live locally. Anyhow, I know many growers that have bounced around humboldt and never established residency. I wouldn’t want a blanket rule like this to prevent less wealthy emerald triangle folks from entering the space, but definitely we need something to keep out corporate interests. And it honestly needs to be better state wide. Some of the desert and valley projects are ridiculous. Furthermore, we should consider allowing current licenses to gently expand prior to granting extremely large ones to corporate folks.

    • Boomers Screwed America

      What are you a fascist? It’s hilarious that you small timers with the local yokel attitude think you can have an economy not being competitive with the rest of the state let alone with the nation once it becomes legal. All you boomers are doing is hampering economic opportunity so you don’t have somebody else developing in your backyard to protect your Prop 13 subsidized property values or have to compete with real business.

  • Wow, this bullshit is out of control.
    Probably completely legal also.
    Thanks Estelle and the rest of the B of S’s.
    Or maybe thanks voters who voted for Prop 64, or whatever # it was.
    It does reflect the greed and growth that is lauded and rewarded by capitalism, so maybe it’s just normal.
    Then again, the govt panels do seem to listen to public comment.
    Have at it whiners!…

  • Why?? If a group has that much money, why in the hell would you try and pull this off out in the middle of nowhere?? Laughing!

    • 🕯🌳 To make more money. 🖖🖖

    • They want to sell a brand also. Its what these sort of fucks do. They have no ability, no work ethic, and are most likely destined to fail. This has “selling the dream” written all over it. People bring in investors like this and milk them for all they are worth, projects get delayed and sold several times before a local comes in and saves their asses…. Just watch.

    • Regulatory capture

      For the Humboldt brand I imagine? I’m not sure how it works but I’ve wondered if someone could open up a 10k sq ft farm in the county and open a 100 acre farm in Say Santa Barbra or Florida and call it all Humboldt cannabis? If it’s not legal now, I’m sure the mega cannabis stakeholders around the world are working to make it legal.

      The big money guys no doubt have huge profit making endeavors in the works. Regulatory capture is an issue in every single industry from the railroad to pharma to automotive. You name it, all industries are victim of regulatory capture. I see this as one of the biggest threats to the county in the coming years (and Recent past). If you don’t know, RC is essentially when those who do the regulating are also stakeholders in the industry and make the laws to serve their profit motives and suppress activism efforts. the politicians go along with it bc they donate to their campaigns and get them elected. It’s one of the primary reasons cannabis should be decriminalized not legalized. Legalization is for corporations, it’s never been more illegal for the people than it is today.

      I will never understand how Humboldt county folks were Duped into this, nor how they were convinced that the government could regulate the environment better than environmental stewards. Look at our state cannabis laws- you can only grow indoor cannabis in a lot of CA counties, no 6 outside in your garden. How is this helpIng the environment exactly? Oh yeah that was all just propaganda, no different than the devil weed propaganda of generations past. It’s time to stop this train driving us all off a cliff folks and it starts with awareness of what our community is up against.

      • No you can not market something grown outside of Humboldt as “Humboldt” cannabis. Theee have been safeguards put in place and currently there are appellations in the works for all different growing regions. Through track and trace anyone can scan the product and know exactly where it was grown.

    • So they can service the black market more easily.

    • Straight up makes no sense…

  • Well, one greedy bunch or another…

    I will never understand this product and the growing of it in Humboldt, which claims to have “the best” combination of growing conditions, while the larger part of the crop is grown in greenhouses, in imported “growth media”, under artificial light!

    I could easily grow excellent pot, in my backyard, in Yuba City, in natural soil, outdoors! And have! Humboldt County “pot farmers” are florists, not farmers!

    There is nothing magical about Humboldt Marijuana, but, whenever there is a proposal to add production, on a large scale, we will hear fussing and irrational complaints!

    A project like this, or the gigantic windmill project, requires Board of Supervisors and “Planning Commissioners” approval, and this is where the poop hits the fan…

    We reject any project which uses “mixed light”, 8 million gallons of water, or, a huge amount of trucked-in supplies, and which will consume an unnatural amount of electricity!

    Although there exist tens of thousands of “grows” already, all over Humboldt, the competition is hardly a factor here, and the sheer amount of available product is ever increasing.

    Supply and demand tells us that bulk marijuana should be very cheap indeed! Cannabis is an old drug, with great appeal to the poor. But, Cannabis, as sold in Dispensaries, is pretty damn expensive.

    I strongly recommend not allowing this or any other “Marijuana Factory” to exist in a space so remote. The owners will probably find that they can’t compete, can’t afford to grow in this space by this method, and, they will have to pull it all out when they go broke.

    The natural solution to the existence of Humboldt Pot Farming, is oblivion. Growing weed in Humboldt will end, and the whole place will then look exactly like Garberville. Or Eureka.

    Watch the Supervisors and Planning Commissioners pocket big money, new pickups, trips to Tahiti etc…

    No matter who grows where, in Northern California, the show is probably over, as measured in celestial time… If I ever need any Marijuana, I will drive to Oakridge Drive in Redway, and buy a pound from the folks there, or grow my own. I recommend all Californians do the same…

    It’s your right to grow your own dope, and, it’s the right thing to do.

    • No, Cannabis grown in other Counties is NOT of the quality here in Humboldt , not even close! And our Legal Cannabis is thriving, so maybe some positivity would be in order 🤷‍♀️ If Humboldt Cannabis businesses both legal and black market go under , we all go under , so I’d be hoping for success .

  • [edit] Block soil trucks from going up there, or warn the soil people and truckers before they try. Find out who is backing this, and inform them they will be wasting their money, it will be stopped. Confront those who are in the permit granting process, like John Ford, and tell them their actions are being watched, and they are to stop systems like this. And where is EPIC on this? How about Earth First? Why aren’t they stopping this with actions similar to their antics on logging property and trucks? Follow the money. How does John Ford live? Does he seem to be living better than his salary? What is his salary? How many are being paid off to help allow this? If these invasive creeps were going to clear cut this area, would they be allowed? SHUT IT DOWN.

    • Where IS EPIC? Good question. As I have said this ” legalization” was a terrible thing. Our environmentally destructive forces were simply switched from terribly greedy mega- grows to terribly greedy LEGAL mega-grows. EPIC never pivoted to the new threats. We are not just facing timber extraction anymore. Big Weed is now a primary threat. But predictably this ” legalization” has greased the skids for local politicians to be corrupted and shove it down our throats….

      • So true. But then why would they support saving the livelihoods a thousand small growers whose accumulated outlaw environmental damage is actually greater than one legal Megagrow? The issue of local economy is being confused the environment.

      • Short answer, EPIC avoids biting the hand that feeds them lest they suffer the same fate as the NEC. NEC weighed in heavily in favor of the General Plan Update that had growers upset because it wouldn’t ratify their development of TPZ lands, and their grower donors cut them off.

    • Epic is too busy worrying about 2 or 3 second gen redwoods at Richardson Grove….

    • Clearly you’ve never met John Ford, and never been into the planning department.

  • You mean they’re applying for permits instead of just bulldozing a likely spot and diverting the creek like your fathers did? The bastards.

    • You’re talking about the Greenrush, which was fairly recent. Back when their “fathers “ grew it was covert so as to avoid detection from the air, neighbors and rip offs. Get your eras straight.

      • Everyone has a golden age delusion. Maybe it’s more in your face now but anyone who bumbled into a remote grow in “the good old days” ran into scarred landscapes, booby trapped perimeters and lots of water diversion. That is why so much growing took place in remote locations- no one to complain when the stream dried up or the “old logging road” washed into it call winter. There are still lots of half buried camp grounds and sediment washes from abandoned grows all over the place.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Remote locations were mostly the result of marijuana ciultivation being a Federal Crime which could result in a felony conviction, loss of gun rights, loss of property, fines, major strain on marriage and friendships, inability to get bonded, and flagged on federal job apps, etc. If you had trees that grew dollar bills or jewels, would you grow it in your front yard? Ever heard the term: “don’t make a federal case out of it?” There’s a reason for that. Yeah, uh huh, unless you’re workingfor Putin’s Punk. No problems.

          Not everyone grew in the dastardly ways so vividly described. I’ve seen gyppo
          logging sites that looked like a U.S. rural pacification program in ‘Nam.

          I’m still surprised at the “separate universe” theory of cannabis, still so rampant after all these years.

        • I love when people pretend they know all about how it was but they obviously don’t…. like you
          And like clockwork you think it’s your job to correct my every comment. I’m your obsession. Do yourself a favor and get over me….

    • Our mothers did not have 16 giant greenhouses and extract 5 million gallons of water from the aquafir, at least not to my knowledge. They grew steath GARDENS in the woods, cut few trees and ran 1″ waterlines from springs.

      • My boyfriend would hike into his patch with a backpack of water! It wasn’t a big patch, mind you. But that is what he did. 45 years or so ago.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      I’ll hate myself in the morning, but you have a point, Connie. Ouch, ow. It’s good to have government oversight in a minimal way to insure water quality and environmental integrity. But Cali has had strict ag rules for many decades and the rules for maintaining a fruit and vegetable farm should have been used for cannabis. But no, it was oooooh hooo hoo, Marijuana!! We have strict laws for conventional and organic crops, but that wasn’t GOOD enough! Nobody wants poisoned corn or tomatoes or a de-watered stream. Same for weed. But no, the Supes came out with terrible ideas for pre-taxing their little gold mine, charging people for square-footage BEFORE they had one dollar of gross receipts! That was nuts. It shouldn’t cost mega-bucks to get started. This did Estelle no good, despite what other positive things she did. I tried to make this point at a public hearing, but to no apparent avail.

      It is much cheaper to produce sun-grown weed, in the spring or summer, one crop or two. And much “ greener.” Anyone with a large yard, some privacy, water, and sun can grow their own. A pound-per-plant is not guaranteed, as some Chair-croppers insist, but at $30 buck or so per 1/8 oz., you come out way ahead. If you can grow tomatoes, peppers, or corn, weed is easier.

      The proposed project will draw beaucoup water out of the Eel River aquifer through three wells. Why not apply somewhere on SR 36 or 299 or even 101 with a hook-up to almost unlimited Ruth Lake? All that surplus water that was once used for two lumber mills could now support our burgeoning cannabis industry. Is that classic or what? One more reason to retain our water right here.

  • Happened before. Small sheep ranchers trying to block a bigger sheep ranch.

    This just a bigger sheep ranch. If you’ve been here awhile (I guess that is a long awhile)
    you will know what I mean.

  • Ya. And more trash on the side of the road from people who don’t even care about this place. Is it just me or is the garbage worse than it’s ever been. Not like previous generations that actually cared about the land

    • It’s still bad but not as bad as the peak of the greenrush. I think it’s a mixed bag of who-gives-a-shit locals and others with lack of connection to anything but themselves here working pot farms.

      • Wow, little ole Humboldt worried about someone opening a business in their back yard… Ohhhh so scary!

        *proceeds to yell incoherently about non-factual incidentals and irrelevant references

        Get a grip or a job or both.

  • Indoor and mixed light belong in industrial zones, not in the forest.

    • I agree Bryan.
      I’m so sad to see the worst degradation of our rivers yet. We’re on the Trinity and I never thought I’d see that river get so algaeic.
      It’s not just the green rush, but it’s the damn dam- the ultimate cause of removing water from its watershed. And there was logging, herbicides and mining. And then there’s overpopulation and then there’s greed. And then there’s climate change. Oh I’m getting off topic.

    • Totally agree with that sentiment Bryan.

  • …then there’s the seasonal bridge in McCann and the partially washed out and highly unstable road that will be inundated with heavy truck traffic. It’s mind boggling that they’d even be allowed to go ahead with this project.

    • $$$…very possibly going into some officials’ pockets. Then they tell us it’s good for the county because ” increased tax revenue”. It’s happening all over the country as ” legalization” sets up local officials as gatekeepers. Then the heavily-funded out-of-state corporate vertically-integrated mega-grow parasites show up with gifts….Anybody with half a brain could have predicted this shitshow…

      • Someone already owns the land and the water. Cui bono? They are not going to run power lines on speculation- someone has an asset and intends to use it.

  • You guys are funny. First its wa,wa,wa Your picking on us because we are doing something that is illegal, making bank, subdividing all the ranch’s for our grows and not paying tax’s. Now its wa,wa,wa somebody else is coming to grow the same dope in the same area! Something about the cake and eating it.

  • The letter writer makes a fatal mistake and leaves out all contact information as to how to protest this project. Mary, you only say contact the Humboldt County Planning Commission, without providing the address, email or whichever method of dissenting is appropriate. You spent a lot of time creating this letter without including the most important piece of information. I would suggest editing it, including it and putting it in the comments here. You might justify this by saying “people who care can just look it up,” and if you do, that is another fatal error of organizing. Make it easy for people to join, not hard. Keep it simple.

  • Oh boy more greenhouse ugliness. I’m sure the county is salivating over the fees and taxes it could collect with this bullshit, never mind that planning dept and code enforcement can’t even handle the case load they already have. Two full years of growing have passed and the permitted grow near me has yet to have the county set foot on it. How do I know? It’s been covered with garbage and plastic the whole time, and these “growers “ aren’t locals.
    Viewscapes are once again being marred by greenhouse ugliness, it’s a shame.
    And where does this project propose to get its water from? That’s a lot of thirsty plants.

  • Meanwhile I’ve been waiting 4yrs for permits, b.s. about roads…. All I’m looking for is 10,000 sq ft for a grow……

    • The County is so slow that people have been waiting over a year to just get thru the process of finalizing and sending letters to the grow neighbors for final review. And they keep accepting new permits. I’d love the Grand Jury to examine the Planning Dept and find out why the Dept.’s is so frigging slow , can’t handle the permits they are already supposed to be overseeing . The Humboldt County Planning Department must be understaffed or the people they hire must be inept.

  • If this project is to take place in a wetland in a stream side management area, CDFW will not approve it. I’d love the APN so I can do more research into the realities of this project. Anyone have the APN?

  • Kym is trying to catch up to the eightball on this one.
    Insiders have known for months that Anheiser Bush has hired private individuals to aquire thousands of acres in our area.
    Our sypervisors cant wait to get a chance at embezzling some of this pie and will welcome big corporations at last with open arms.
    If they do they should get ready for mutiny.

  • competition from beyond. Kinda makes ya nervous.

  • Jesus-

    I agree with you for the most part. But please try not to slam Humboldt. It’s a mess up there, but it is what is is due to its geography, etc. It attracts all the bad players, cause it’s the easiest place to get rich quick off herb. Period. When you’re some starry eyed Michigan kid living at mom’s house and wake up one day “I wanna grow weed for a living!” – Guess where you go? Not Yuba City.

    Back to the climate: Personally I think Humboldt has an amazing agricultural climate overall, with dozens of microclimates. I think most will agree now that Humboldt’s grow scene is what is is due to its climate AND political climate. There are lots of CA climates in many counties conducive to herb growing, some better than Humboldt. Weed plants like humidity but unfortunately the buds are too big to take it and we traditionally have a wet fall.

    Anyway, this proposed project is atrocious and disgusts me. I hope Humboldt has what it takes to stop this in its tracks. Shame on anyone trying to make dollars off our wilderness, from Florida or not.

    Let the Eel heal!

    • It’s advantage in not geography on unstable land with a long dry season. It’s a political and instiutional willingness to turn a blind eye that generational.

  • Doesn’t sound much different than most of the permitted grows in Humbolt except for the size, are the largest permitted grows in the mattole valley much different than this proposal, but i do prefer local operators, if out of staters could be banned legally i would be all for it

  • Great. Looks like most of their proposed structures are within wetlands, stream buffers, and at the headwaters of streams that run directly into the Eel. Looking at their Initial Study is pretty funny. There were no pre-existing cultivation in these areas. Why would they say there were? Also there are mapped wetlands out on NWI. But what do their biologist consultants say? No impacts. But how are they assessing wetlands? only by vegetation and not soils. Psh. Come on

    • HMM your a real expert. Every single permitted canna project in Humboldt goes through a much more rigorous permitting and inspection process than most other business. Humboldt County is going to expand. No matter what. Cannabis projects are here to stay and will only increase over time. Get over yourself. If you dont like it either take a hike (my hope) or get enough of the tin foil hat wearing enviro crowd to vote it out. Oh but thats gonna be tough because there’s a full moon crystal drum circle for the Save The Lady Bug Lives Matter Fund that day, oh and its also Stargazers birthday and you need to get some sage and a shell.

    • I haven’t been able to find the Appendixes but reading the ISMND, it does say a delineation. Is attached. The NWI was mapped by folks at a desk, possibly in another state. It is no replacement for in field sampling. Many reports lack NWI polygons because they are not wetlands. Also, they state vegetation was used as their primary indicator. If vegetation was their sole indicator, this is actually a more liberal protection then performing standard delineations which require all 3 parameters. In Humboldt because of our rainfall, hydrophytic vegetation and wetland hydrology are very common. So if they did not assess soils, which they most likely did, they may actually be protecting areas that are not wetlands.

  • Letter demonizes the operation. There’s no proof that this is a fire hazard, more likely the space would serve as a protected fire break. There’s no mention of wetlands in the proposal, (growing cannabis flowers in an actual wetland is not even possible), and they’re also sourcing over 300 thousand gallons of water from rain collection, of which all the water will be returned back to the water table. 30k square ft is a respectable amount of acreage for agriculture use. Considering that the neighboring cattle ranches and dairy operations in Humboldt are allowed to freely destroy hundreds of thousands of acres including on actual marsh, wetlands, and fragile streambanks and on public lands while adding very little economic value, usurping billions of gallons of water and causing longterm water contamination, major fire threats and also the risks of future pandemics.

    • It’s bad, so let’s make it worse!

      No thanks.

      Hows the weather in FL?

    • Thank you. Your a breath of fresh air in a fart filled room.

    • Third World County

      Three hundred thousand gallons of rain collection, Wow Wee! If they were to water the same every day of the year including winter days which I suspect they will not that will last 23 days but most likely it will only last two weeks if that. The rest of the water will be taken from the aquifer in which the river and streams depend on for their flow especially during the summer. Yes a small amount of the water will be returned to the water table percolating through the greenhouse floors but with a lot of contaminates from the fertilizers used next to the river. The planning department seems to be allowing a lot of these weed farms next to the river for a direct path of contamination in the rivers. I have been told by CDFW staff that this is a big concern and each year the health of the river just gets worse.

  • Let’s not forget that the citizens of California voted to make this legal. Your all crying over spilt milk.

  • Many of these comments are very negative toward the fact that this is a Florida based company. Would it really be any different if a group of venture capitalists from LA or even San Francisco bought a similar ranch with no intention of actually working the land themselves?

  • As I have continually stated, marijuana is the worst thing that has ever happened to this county. I have seen it ruin lives as well as the countryside, its fish and wildlife and bring in many dangerous people.

  • All the logging that has destroyed lands for years & is still happening leaves very damaging waste . Its supposed to be cleaned & replanted but never is . Every logging unit is a gas can for disaster. Slash piles , unused logs , stumps , cables ,ect. all left behind . We need this fixed before we go handing out permits for more destruction . especially for non resident . So if you want a marijuana permit , local or not then you should have to start by restoring lands that have been logged & damaged in the past all at no profit . so many acres for so many acres . clean remove debri & dispose of waste at the cost of the individual applying for the permit . & after completion it should be inspected & signed off . Or denied . if denied you have to start over & are required to complete 2× the acreage. If you pass then you will be allowed to apply & pay for a permit . i dont know its just an idea . I feel something needs added to the permitting process that will help our environment not the people running our county & making decisions . let the citizens decide . Either that or start clear cutting again

    • The regulations placed on these landowners does actually result in applicants being required to fix legacy logging impacts within their ownership. These robust state regulations exist outside of the county process and are thus required by all cannabis projects in any county. Without a regulated cannabis market or other industry in these areas, no clean up or restoration would happen or it would happen at a snail’s pace. This cannabis industry is potentially the greatest pooled individual landowner restoration project ever to occur in history. Obviously things are never that simple, there are bad actors. But compromise and partnership have resulted in the most successful restoration/conservation projects.

  • The way the current state law is written they will NOT be able to use the Humboldt name. Only cannabis grown in full sun, in the ground and without the use of structures or artificial light are able to use the appellation “Humboldt”. Nonetheless this project should be halted from progressing any further.

  • Sure lets block this, like we did the wind project. WTF is wrong with you people. You all talk a lot of shit and most of you are so far of base and full of nothing more than conjecture and hyperbole. You fucking cry when its legal, or when its illegal you cry when it gets busted and you cry when it doesn’t. Here’s some news asshats, the voters have spoken. Weed is legal. There are going to be projects galore. You can protest all you want but at the end of the day, economic development and the creation of jobs and tax revenue is a big part of what we elect our officials to do. I hope that they do just that.

  • If it starts destroying the eco system or they don’t hire locals you could always plant a bunch of males all around their grows.. hehe.. JK.. kinda

    • So by that logic if they hire locals then its ok to destroy the environment as long as you hire locals to do it? Or your suggesting that people trespass onto their private land and do them harm? Which is it Einstein?

  • What’s all the complaining about? This project is located on a 7,100 acre ranch. I highly doubt that the only suitable location is on top of a wetland. What’s happening here is that the county is finally getting around to processing the large Conditional Use Permit applications that were applied for around 4 years ago. These were all CMMLUO 1.0 applications and sounds like it’s well within the guidelines that were set forth by the planning department. There are a bunch more of these projects that will be up for review soon. I’m sure this ranch is managed with cattle and timber with miles and miles of existing roads. These cannabis operations on one tenth of one percent of their property will be the least of their overall environmental impacts. Sounds like they’ve jumped through the hoops and now it’s time for approval.

  • Third World County

    I wonder how large the electrical service is for this enormous grow? According to a weed planner in the county these projects are using huge amounts of electricity and require a huge electrical service. I was told the usage could be 150 times that of the California customer for the average mixed light grow being permitted. I can only imagine the electric draw on the power lines on this remote community with this huge electrical service.
    This strategy by the planning department is throwing the plan and requirement by the state of providing clean renewable energy right in the toilet. How many acres of solar panels will the county need to offset this electrical draw? How many batteries will need to be installed to provide the power after the sun goes down when the greenhouse will need the supplemental light? I doubt our Redwood Coast Energy Authority even knows how much energy consumption is being added to the grid for these “indoor grows”. I doubt RCEA will ever reach their goal of clean energy with this type of very poor planning. Next time they push for windmills or solar panels I would ask them why bother if the county is approving energy hog projects like this one.

  • Indoor year round grows belong in industrial zones. Agrees

  • No. Just no. For something of this size, we should all get a vote in whether it can happen or not. I, for one, vote no. Put it in an industrial park, NOT our wilderness.

  • With the “estimated” thirty employees needed to operate this proposed business, (even sporadically throughout the year), the escalated traffic would create extremely dangerous situations; not only for the local residents, but the thousands of tourists who use Dyerville Loop Road every day. What is not mentioned in any of the official reports is that the main southern entrance to this property is accessed by Avenue of the Giants, to Dyerville Loop Road, and through Humboldt Redwoods State Park’s Founder’s Grove, which is narrow and one-laned. At the height of the tourist season there are hundreds of vehicles visiting this popular grove. Our family used to drive four miles of this route for many years when we worked for John LaBoyteaux at Camp Grant Ranch. It is curvy and narrow, with poor visibility around corners. It is incomprehensible that every day dozens of additional passenger vehicles, heavy equipment, and soil trucks would be given the go-ahead to travel to this remote property. There is no doubt that if the county approves this project, they will be increasing the number of accidents and additional pavement damage on this, (already substandard), county road.

  • News Flash: It’s been happening for years. These folks just applied for a permit to “rape” the land; not hide it like all the others already doing the same thing… lol

  • This kills our redwood moths. Greenhouse in full effect

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