[UPDATE 4:30 p.m.] Fortuna Police Arrest Three on Newell Drive

Timothy Belisle

Timothy Belisle when he was arrested in October.

After serving a warrant in the 200 block of Newell Drive in Fortuna, three were taken into custody. Fortuna Police arrested two men and one woman at approximately 1:30 p.m.

One of the arrested is Timothy Belisle who was arrested in October allegedly “redeem stolen lottery scratcher type tickets,” according to a press release issued at that time.

UPDATE 4:30 p.m.: According to Sgt. Charles Ellebrecht, the names of the the two other people who were arrested are Levi Battles, age 46, and Devon Davis age 25 who was formerly one of Southern Humboldt’s most wanted. She was arrested last October.

The two were both also arrested on warrants.

Some property was recovered, Ellebrecht said, that is believed to have been stolen.

woman with meth face

Devon Davis from an earlier arrest.



  • That’s it? Who were the other two? Were they all listed on the warrant? What was the warrant pertaining to?

  • I live on Newell Dr. and thought we were in a “safe” neighborhood.:( Can you tell me what they were arrested for ?

  • Information came from the scanner so the details are limited. I’ve requested more information but it is the weekend so it might not happen right away.

  • They may have been the ones who broke in to my car two nights ago an took some money….

  • My mom lives on Newell drive and had some people pull into her driveway and get out of their vehicle, and try to open her door of her house. Luckily she has 2 good size dogs that were not happy about the visitors. She opened the door with the dogs. They immediately said they had the wrong house and left. Looks like Newell drive has a few scum bags that need taken care of

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    Good lord. And this was the woman profiled a while back as a success story of cleaning up. It would seem an “old friend” or something else drug her back down into the darkness.

    Someone’s got to get this girl out of town and away from the bad influences or I fear the next time she makes the news it’s going to be her last.

    • Obviously been using Meth heavily judging by the Zit covered face!!! A damned shame that all of them can’t seem to pull their noses out of the mirror or stop firing up, whichever is their chosen method!!!

    • I hope she gets help again, and moves out of Humboldt with her children.

    • To what avail bunjee. You can lead a horse to water but can’t make her drink. Not to sound heartless because I’m not, but until SHE decides to make a change then it’s not gonna happen. I’ve read about this woman before. It was a good story. Saddened to see her look like the walking dead. It’s her children now that need rescuing.

    • The photo says “from an earlier arrest”. Who knows what she looks like now.

  • Looks like her face was on fire… and put out with an ice pick.

  • wow, that’s the worst meth face i have ever seen. Don’t understand why anyone would want to look that ugly………..If that was my kid, i would put her in rehab for as long as i could afford too……….

    • We live in California, my friend. Parents cannot even put their kid in a residential rehab program if the kid doesn’t want to. Anytime the kid wants to leave during the course of the program, s/he can simply walk out.

      Utah is one state that allows involuntary enrollments in residential facilities for minors and the kid cant leave the program. Logistics are problematic in that you’re crossing two state lines to get to Utah. Imagine traveling with a drug-addled kid who doesn’t want to be re-habbed. Expensive as all get out and this solution will not work for those offspring who are 18 and older.

      Sadly, I know this from personal experience.

      • I work in a residential rehab in Utah… anyone can walk out at any time. (Grew up in Fortuna… looks like things are getting bad there in Humboldt as far as drug abuse goes..)

  • 25 years old? In that pic? What a shame.

  • She can’t have a family and if she does, they do the same stupid shit she does. I couldn’t imagine my daughter, friend or relative looking like that. Do these people go out in public like that? They probably just scurry around at night.

    • More like “crawl”.

    • You are very ignorant and should really think before you speak I am her mother and have raised my children the same and one is a drug addict and the other a very successful young man… I love them very much and I am no drug addict.. they Were raised with lots of love and positive attention. You have no idea wha t i have done and been through to try and reach my daughter whom I love very much .. [edit]

  • Bunjee, too late, She is already one of the bad influences.

  • My truck was broken into a couple of weeks ago behind Campton heights market!! These thieves are where they belong until released!! Hope for the best expect the worst from them, they are thieves!!

    • This is the same person I spoke to your son about Rhonda. Same person I suspected back then. Speak to Nick about it when you get a chance.. He mostly identified one of the people from this same photo.
      Sadly, one of them use to work for me… but went down a bad bad road. I did everything I could, including getting him help, but it was beyond that point.

  • Someone needs to remove her nails so she can’t pick at her face!!! NASTY…..

  • I keep telling them to only use the meth made with brake fluid, but no one listens. If they used that meth instead of the stuff made with bug spray, they’d be able to stop whenever they want.

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