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  • Kym, please tell me you got this photo off the web and not with your camera! I can see by the background that snake is NOT in the wild but is in human territory.

  • Is that a venomous snake, and did you find it near your home or at a zoo? Stunning photo tho!

  • Beautiful snake. I hope you used the zoom lens for that one.

    Nice shot, pretty greens.

  • I certainly hope that’s a friendlier snake than the last one you posted.

    BTW, why don’t you have a search thingy? Do you know how many pages I had to scroll through to find that?

  • Actually, that photo was taken in some grass. I can see that the silver in the background looks like metal but it was just dry grass. As far as I know the little guy is harmless but I stayed back a ways just in case and used the zoom lens.

    Silverstar, I do have a small discreet search engine down at the bottom of the right column (It’s discreet ’cause I’m not computer savvy enough to change the widgets on my blog.) It says TYPE AND ENTER in small pale rectangle. I use it all the time but, unfortunately, most people don’t notice it.

  • I like snakes. And I’m happy to see that you aren’t afraid to ssssssnap their picture.

  • Amazing !!

  • I think all snakes should come with a warning message, even photos. Something that says – click here if you wish to see the snake, LOL. Good photo, though.

  • Kym
    That is called a Redside Garter Snake. We used to call them Water Snakes, because they live mostly around water, and they dive to catch small fish. They are considered harmless, but they will strike and bite if threatened. Ask me how I know!

  • That sounds like a story, Ernie. I hope you tell it.

  • Thanks for the identification, Ernie. Now that you describe it, I’m sure that’s the kind I saw once in my mom’s pumping spring about ten years ago.

  • That thing hides well. I can barely see it. But it does work.

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