Bat Bundle



Daily Photo #19

While not the best photo, I couldn’t resist showing this tiny inhabitant of a derelict building on our property. I opened the door to the old home this morning with unusual difficulty. This little guy tumbled from some roost onto the floor. I did the best I could to take his picture, then, using an oak leaf as a scoop (he was incredibly light and small), carefully moved the tiny bat to a shelf high up where neither my cat nor dog could get him.

I’m concerned because I think it had been hibernating and was very slow to move and react. Some species of bats (Is this a California Myotis?) can starve to death if disturbed during hibernation. On the other hand, it is a lovely warm day and the swallows are certainly getting enough insects. Hopefully, he will, too, this evening. He did stretch and crawl around some after I moved him to the shelf.

Yes, I went right home and thoroughly washed my hands with soap and water even though I don’t think I actually touched him.



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