[UPDATE 4:31 p.m.] Multiple Agencies Searching for Missing Canadian Hiker on Lost Coast Trail

Search and rescue feature and iconAs last night’s stormy weather threw high waves at the Lost Coast, multiple agencies searched for a missing Canadian hiker. Shelter Cove Fire Department spokesperson Nick Pape said his crew had “been working it since 7:50 last night.”

Shelter Cove Fire, Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue, Cal Fire, the Coast Guard and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department have been searching for a “guy hiking the Lost Coast from out of the area,” according to Pape.

The man was traveling the famous remote trail north of Shelter Cove. According the Cheryl Antony, spokesperson for Shelter Cove Fire, “[The hiker’s] car is in the parking lot…He texted someone three days ago saying he hurt his back and was at Miller’s Flat.”

“He was supposed to show up two days ago,” Pape told us. But last night was when searchers learned he hadn’t shown up.

Last night it was a bad storm, high waves on the beach,” Pape said but the searchers still went out.

Antony explained that the searchers had traveled over seven miles up the beach before having to return as high waves might have blocked the return trail.

“They found an empty back pack…and not too far away some MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) but they don’t know if they are related,” Antony told us.

The searchers will be gathering this morning and putting together a search plan. “We’ll know more about 8 or 9,” Pape explained.

As soon as we get more information, we’ll update.

NOTE: The Sheriff’s Office tweeted that Bureau of Land Management employees are also involved in the search.

UPDATE 10:05 a.m.: Shelter Cove Fire provided this photo of the vehicle believed to belong to the missing hiker. Cheryl Antony said the man is believed to have taken the shuttle up to the mouth of the Mattole and then began hiking back down to the Cove.

Black car missing hiker

[Photo provided by Shelter Cove Fire]

UPDATE 4:31 p.m.: Searchers Scour Lost Coast Hunting for Missing Canadian Hiker



  • Not smart. Do some research before heading out. You would have some deep Creek crossings that would be almost impassable. Good luck search and rescue

  • was this man hiking alone?

  • Oh man what a horrible absolute deluge storm to be out there , and injured. Hopefully he hunkered down .

    • How bad was the storm? it’s a close relative of mine that’s lost and injured, any information would be so much appreciated. Do you know much about the trail?

      • We have very experienced and extremely devoted search and rescue people here. It’s a challenging trail and we just had some weather but do not despair. There is not much cell phone reception out there is nothing to say until he is found. Please don’t read too much into comments on this page. We are all praying and pulling and thinking about your relative. And he has a great search and rescue team on his side.

      • Here’s a good article about the Lost Coast Trail: https://www.wonderlandguides.com/hikes/king-range/lost-coast-trail
        The storm was very wet and the waves were high. But it wasn’t terribly cold. I am the publisher of this site and several people I know are part of the search. If I can help in any way, my email is mskymkemp@gmail.com

        If you have a photo of the missing man, that might be helpful. I’m adding a photo of the vehicle that is believed to belong to him.

      • Hoping found safe soon

        The trail is ok for the most part, you gotta watch the tides tho.
        This has been a pretty major storm, tho if he is an experienced camper he can find nooks to be in that are sheltered. The coast has stayed pretty warm this last few days.
        Its very very steep in parts which makes searching slow.

        There have been multiple successful rescues of injured hikers by our incredible volunteer search&;rescue team. Please know if anyone can find him they will. A few years back they hiked in 6 hours to an injured hiker and carried him out on a stretcher back 6 hours, walking.
        Its 26 miles of wilderness with very little cel service. Satellite phones are recommended.
        This seems like a good time to use a drone!

        Kym can we get their family connected to Diana?

      • There was 45-50 mile per. hr. winds and hard down pour, maybe about 40 f. Hope is is found soon, it too cold to be out at night.

        • Add to high winds the hard down pour **for 2days and nights solid.**

          Dramatic true Humboldt storm. Hopefully his luck, wilderness skills , and gear all held up.

      • I hiked it just about every year of my life and I’m in my 30s.. what do you want to know about the trail? It’s mostly open beach with Creek crossings

  • I pray that the searchers will find this man alive and can get him to safety. Thank you to all the people searching for him. Be safe.

    • I’ve never understand how prayer is supposed to work. Hope it makes you feel better though. Maybe that’s why you do it? Maybe it’s just synonymous with “hope” for some people?

      • I always wonder why people feel the need to comment belittling on other’s beliefs when it doesn’t affect them at all. Does that make you feel better?

      • I used to criticize it also. But I’ve come to accept it as “hope” or a prayer as “focused meditation” directed to the cosmos (or God or whatever people believe in). I’ve seen some stuff happen I can’t explain rationally and so I think there’s room to believe there may be energy stuff going on that we don’t understand. And I am very cynical and science-based! Prayers or wishings of Good Luck are sometimes all we can offer and it is a decent gesture. Yes- being on the search and rescue team actively seeking him would be more effective- no doubt!- but no reason to discount any small offering of solace! His family is here reading the comments and they are concerned.

      • Whether or not you believe, a prayer never hurt a cause. Positive energy can have some incredible power.

  • That trail is very hard in the summer and in winter alot of parts are impassable because of the water. Hiking alone is not very smart….especially on unknown trails. I hiked thattrail some years ago and I seen eagles flying and there were big cat and bear scat and foot prints all thru there. Good luck buddy. Iam praying for you bro.

    • Dang – you said it – north of Shelter Cove is a Big Hike and can be dangerous. This time of year, slippery and wet, Sooo easy to lose one’s footing, fall and hurt your back. Or leg, or head.
      Makes me wonder how experienced this hiker is.

  • Sad to say this area eats Canadians.

  • There are cabins along the way. Hopefully he found one.

  • Used to be vehicle access through the Kings range don’t know if there’s any vehicle access anymore? Should be some kind of access to that beach for emergency
    Vehicles think there used to be one in Shelter Cove also and I’ve never been to the Petrolia side

  • This is a censorship site Kim

  • Going to take a look on the flight home from Santa Rosa

  • like I said. Censorship

    • I am sure if someone accused you by your real name of having sex with children that you would advocate I censor that comment. And I would. So yes, I do censor comments that fall outside rules designed to protect basic civil behavior. And I ban persistent breakers of the rules. So…you got to decide, do you want to follow the rules or do you think I’m too restrictive. It is up to you.

  • The creek at Big Flat can be a big problem I have helped rope folks across after a storm..

  • Blessings be good i have been walking in that area it’s hard at times … Hope all will be good 🙏

  • Sending hope that he is found quickly & safely. To his family & friends, our rescue teams are experienced, dedicated, unwavering & they wont give up until he is found.

  • Obviously not ideal conditions but with good gear this storm would be do-able, ive ridden out a few in a tent.
    Very intense but this hiker sounds experienced, Im so hoping he found some good natural shelter&is found safe soon!

  • I was wondering whether he took a private shuttle to the north end or not. If conditions are so terrible, wouldn’t the driver know if they took someone out to the trail head at the Mattole? Not too many folks out hiking now. And you need a permit to do this, so that record exists telling which end he started at. Thank god for the local search and rescue folks. Their persistence and skills have saved many a hurt hiker.

    • Article states that …*the man is believed to have taken the shuttle up (north) to the mouth of the Mattole and then began hiking back down (south) to the Cove…*

      • There’s probably only a few companies shuttling people Blues Lost Coast Adventure Tours he probably knows everybody that shuttling people unless they got a ride from a privateer

  • Hoping he’s sheltered somewhere and is discovered soon.

  • I am also a family member, and want to thank all of you who have shared information, ideas, encouragement, support, care, and reassurance. I am so grateful to the search and rescue crews who are doing their best to find and help Rick. This is a difficult time.

    Also, Kym, thanks for your integrity and effective facilitation of this online discussion board.

  • Let me offer a few words of encouragement. I live near and hike the Lost Coast regularly, and actually hiked several miles on the north end Sunday afternoon. The seas have been pounding and hitting the banks hard, but if Rick started from the mouth of the Mattole and made it to Miller Flat he had already passed the most dangerous zones. Hopefully he found a place to hunker down. This reminds me of my thought that my dog and I need to join a search and rescue team. I’m praying for you Rick!

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