First Two Complete Annual State Cultivation Licenses Issued to Humboldt County Farm

Cultivation licenses

Forbidden Fruit Farms, a Southern Humboldt cannabis business, received the first two annual cultivation licenses in California. [Photo provided by Green Road Consulting] 

Today, a small Southern Humboldt cannabis farm, Forbidden Fruit, received the first two licenses issued for cultivators in the state of California. Dylan Carstensen who owns the farm said he was lying in bed with his partner, Kaylie Saxon, when he learned the news.

A look at the Forbidden Fruit Farm earlier this year. [Photo from Forbidden Fruit Farms' Instagram]

A bud in a greenhouse on Forbidden Fruit Farms. [Photo from Forbidden Fruit Farms’ Instagram]

“We got an email about it,” he explained. “I was honestly in shock at first. No one has Specialty Outdoor and Specialty Mixed-Light—since 2016. He explained that he had opted to begin the permit because their situation was relatively uncomplicated. “Compared to a lot of other people, it was not as hard,” he said, “Our houses were already permitted…We are pretty small. We only have approximately 10,000 sq feet.”

Carstensen said he had been growing for years and his parents were growers as well. “A lot of our neighbors were thinking about doing it,” he explained. “We met up with Robin [Collins] from Green Road and started.”

Still, he said, “We had a lot of difficult things we had to do. We had to have archaeological studies done and on and on.”

Saxon, Carstensen’s partner, who is the General Manager at Green Roads and who has worked extensively in the permit process noted, “This has been such a hard process for our community. I hope this gives everybody a little hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.” Or, possibly, for the many growers trying to wallow through the system, there is hope for a license at the end of the tunnel.

Carstensen added, “I am sure there are companies that have millions and millions of dollars backing them and we’re this small farm out in Humboldt that got our license.”

frog cannabis forbidden fruit farms

A look at the Forbidden Fruit Farms earlier this year. [Photo from Forbidden Fruit Farms’ Instagram]



  • all well and good and really cute with the frog and everything. About as cute as that they all are and bred from and still are hardened criminals with an admitted past to fucking the law and running weed. Great till the name of their business catch’s up with them. Hey, get it while you can,,, bang a gong,

    • In 33 years living the Humboldt dream, I never met a hardened criminal. Though i have been reading about them more and more.

    • Frogs are the worst especially the hardened weed running criminal kind they are ruining our county. Not sure how you know they are inbred but hey what you do in your spare time is your business!

  • Light at the end of the tunnel ,still hope for huge legal grows everywhere, and I mean HUGE grows to come, located close to the market,as long a dollar can be made ,more huge grows keep coming until that dollar is gone.

  • The light at the end of the tunnel is a train.

    • Yea I hear ya we are gonna need that train to move loads and loads and loads of Humboldt weed to central and southern California where their dry shit cannot compete!!

      • Alt right through turd Reich

        Not true. So cal quality is the same as Humboldt’s

        • I call bullshit!

        • Now that’s funny!

        • Anyone with any smarts left in them dedicated to continuing in the weed industry left [edit]umboldt years ago. It is cheaper and easier down south with lower electricity rates, cheap labor, year round sunny and 74. Yes, the weed is now better down there because the more educated, adept growing cmmunity relocated there from here many years ago. [Edit] is now saturated with the the knowitall latecomer growers from diego, o.c. and l.a. who never took a season to learn back when the experts were here, and are too stoned to realize the industry left long ago. Idiots who think they know everything, so they learn nothing. This county is becoming poorer and less educated by the second, but lets talk about weed, and how good it used to be.

  • groba dude trustafarian osnt

    Congratulations for taking the time, and going to the expense to convert your covert black-market pot farm to legal. Now, you are a Cannabis business man.

    Good luck competing, in your remote location, with the huge commercial farms which will very soon be built, everywhere.

    Marijuana, as a recreational substance, is likely to become inexpensive, so I hope you are prepared for the new public perception, that, smoking dope is passe. It won’t be so much fun, now that it’s legal…

    Be sure to comply with all applicable laws, going forward, and thanks for setting an example.

    Remember, pot smokers who come out, frequently get fired.

    • LMFAO… This is just underhanded way to get free advertisement by Green Roads Consulting who owns the farm and did their own paperwork before their clients while charging other farmers high prices.

      • Sharpen your pencil

        PSA: Do not use green roads consulting, they are under a microscope and many people who thought that using this consulting firm was a sure way to get a permit. In reality they will hurt your permit process!

      • Ya , No shit a great way to screw your competition !, “All you have to do is just turn left”” What a fuckin joke the story is… lmao .Typical Humboldt business maneuvering to get the rear end swabbing the state likes in this huge tax revenue Grab Im sure theyre farm is all lied up on tax n trace program RIGHT??? 33-38 % state rate , Im sure they are super Excited!! YAY…

      • Alt right through turd Reich

        @whatever yup free publicity for their bullshit program. Was it green road who was cuffed and stuffed at one of their “legal” grows in 2016?

    • Sticky skunky fat nugs! Not seen any of that down south. Never in my life have I heard anyone say “hey wanna go smoke some mediocre dry harsh weed!!

  • Congratulations! It’s a long hard process and you got there. .. well done

  • Well, you work for the permitting processors…I can’t believe the permits are soo hard to get- everyone who is complying in every way & permits are still not being given.

  • Good luck competing with the rest of California. So you mean There was no legal farms in humboldt until now! Lmfao.

  • I look forward to the day I can leave Humboldt Co drugs behind. I didn’t vote to legalize, I blackout with the use of THC. You don’t want me driving on your roads or caring for your children &/or pets in such a state. I know others have the same reaction, and we can easily cause severe truama and death to loved ones.
    I am very close to all involved in this dangerous drug trade here in Humboldt. Many are convicted criminals with weapons and a violent past and present, this is scary and unstable as your neighbor next door.
    It is my mistake for moving here without the knowledge of what Humboldt Co is known for in most circles, with the marijuana grows, sales, those addicted to pot, and with nonchalant acceptance. It is still illegal with the Feds I believe, so the bad guys are out there and living dangerously with all at stake. It’s not a lifestyle I choose or want to live around, ever. I do wish you safety and freedom.

    • You have the worst judgement of anybody i every heard of! How did you fall in with the worst of the worst so fast? Are you shooting THC? You have wrote the darkest comment I have ever read. It is so dark it made me laugh but then again I am stoned.

      • Marijuana is a drug. With all drugs comes a black market because of overinflated white market. With black markets comes illegal money. With illegal money comes crime. Drugs are bad. Money is needed. Pick your evils, just don’t tell me it’s medicine for your patients! It’s money for your pocket, plain n simple

      • read: Lol Love your response to the reefer madness lady.

    • Bye bye. Tale care.

    • Need help packing!!

    • So you’re saying booze is ok because drinking is not a crime? Those effects you described are the very same that alcohol does to me (and roughly 99.9% of the entire human race). But there are no criminals who use alcohol, right? All crooks drink water, so possession of dihydrogen monoxide should be a felony, right? You really should leave Humboldt. But I got bad, bad news for you: crime is everywhere, even where marijuana is rare.
      Also, if you are “very close to all involved” with “convicted criminals with weapons and a violent past and present”, what does that say about you? I have been smoking weed since 1982, and I can’t say that I personally know ANY violent criminals. Even if you move to Arkansas, you are still you. And you will continue to surround yourself with disgusting people until you yourself are no longer a disgusting person.

    • Isn’t this a Great Country where you can make your own decisions to live how you want and where you want….. HUMBOLDT WON’T MISS YOU!

  • Supervisors the problem

    I feel sorry for you folks after the states 26%,the countys fees,plus your investment you’ll make less than working at the shell station and you’ll be putting in 70 hrs a week just to barely make it.unless you cheat the system that was designed to make you a modern slave!!! Burn in hell Estelle!!!! The biggest pot rip off in Humboldt history!!!!!

    • the whole idea is to cheat the system. show a small legit income, black market the rest.

      • Yes, of course. The obvious strategy that nobody comments publicly about! Have one grow permitted, another that isn’t and run your pounds either way to satisfy the track n trace- if it ever even happens!- while selling into whichever market pays better. Everybody is doing it. All officials pretend it isn’t happening. Biggest pile of lying scammers this business has ever produced!

        • Big mafia has moved in ….. and it’s not the bulgys!

        • I was told by a bigwig in the local Department of Agriculture that there is no enforcement of Track & Trace; that on the State level, they just don’t even bother and, on the County level, they do only on inspection per season, which means intensive mixed light operations get away with blackmarketing at least two of their light dep crops. Boycott Honeydew Creek Farms!

    • Welcome to the despotism of California where the bureaucracy exists for its own benefit while elected officials use their positions to enrich themselves their families and friends on backs of working people and property. Oh don’t like it or agree? Here’s an a demand for $75,000 without due process and a shit ton of taxes to keep our budget agenda rolling. Oh wait, we’re making it a sanctuary too, where other people from other countries win the lottery at workers expense, and get benefits that the average citizen doesn’t qualify. One last thing too, we’re gonna put the next few generations in debt slavery for an education just so they can work a bullshit job that the government then get 40% in taxes and repayment, and then they get to administer their lavish budgets while putting competition out of business through any means including international war. It’s called a Race to the Bottom under Autocratic Oligarchy AKA Despotism.

    • Yep Legalization will “Weed” out the weak little guys, that are probably poisoning everyone with pesticides anyway….

  • Ignoring all the kvetching by those who cling to the old ways of the criminal, congratulations on what seems a difficult road. I wish you success.

  • Congratulations, the first 5 years of any new business is crucial for survival. Bet its like winning the cannabis lottery. May your years remain fruitful.

  • The county’s economic activity index is down 7% in July 2018 compared to July 2017. Basically this countys economy is tanking and I don’t think a few permitted farms paying their employees $15 an hour is really going to make a difference.

    But good luck to Forbidden Fruits and everybody still growing weed. Who knows, maybe a bunch of legal farms will do amazing. Maybe there will also be a black market diesel dope renaissance. Also it would be really cool if the county didn’t send people abatement letters who are growing six plants in a 1000 sq foot greenhouse, since that is totally legal under state law.

    • Another Farm With A Temp Permit

      Agreed that the county overall is tanking. Most certainly it is changing (again). However, all of my legal tax paying cannabis employees covered with workers comp average $31/hr AFTER TAXES and we are still profitable. Learn to adapt or parish in the new paradigm. CONGRATS to this farm for going all the way and making CA history!!!

      • Holy bullshit batman. “$31/hr AFTER TAXES”, no way.

        • Another Farm With A Temp Permit

          Nope. No BS. My trimmers average $32/hr take home pay and my hourly employees are paid $25-33/hr. We’re quite profitable and happy to spread it around where we can in Humboldt especially with our employees who then also spread it around the community. Other permitted farms could also pay more and I wish they would. It’s a win-win for our business and our community.

      • Enjoy it while it lasts

        • Another Farm With A Temp Permit

          Enjoying every minute! If/when things change so will we. Adaptability, forward thinking, saving for a rainy day, solid business education, treating employees with respect and good pay, as well as contingency and exit plans are all important factors in life and success.

          • My jaw just dropped. I hope you are not an internet phantasm and that you really have a business that offers legal workers a good wage and long term employment.
            Almost everything else in comments here is a long litany of vitriolic “your going to be sorry when I’m gone” sung to the tune of “Me, Me, Me” in a mind stultifying monotone.

            Running a business legitimately is hard. It’s not for everyone. But when well done, it offers stability and pride to workers in that business. In turn these workers bring it to the community. It makes a better world for all.

    • You can grow six plants in a 1000 sq foot greenhouse. You just can’t use any water, scrape the top soil, burn any fuel, use fertilizer or take a crap on your own property …. than your fine! I

    • Well yeah…. We used to get 3-4k a lb. and now we’re lucky to get 600-1k, income is down across the board, unless you have the ability to double or quadruple your output… The more you grow the higher the overhead, making it just as hard to show a profit! Especially with indoor…..

      • If you are not profiting in legal indoor you either don’t know how/what to grow… don’t understand business… or both. Indoor is where it’s at when it comes to legal CA flowers in dispensaries. 99.9% of CA outdoor will all become a concentrate commodity.

  • Growing the big dope is so last year. If you’re still hanging on to that dream it’s because you ain’t got no other skills and didn’t save any scratch to move into another opportunity. Good luck out the Basura blanco!

  • What’s sad about this story is the hundreds of other growers who applied and got thrown under the bus everytime the county supervisors would switch up the rules
    The homesteaders who built their own homes their own piece of heaven on earth now taxed and fined for the life they chose, just doesn’t seem right

  • In the winter time while the rain wind and snow are trashing green houses here, Californians will be growing on grid, in hot valleys pretty much everywhere else. location, location, location.

  • The permits need to be given, as easily as they are given in other counties. Then, the market will do what the market’s gonna do. We’ll either be livin’ in Heaven, or the opposite- pot slaves. All things basic are costly nowadays. Being financially stable is almost like being rich now. Being in a place where you can grow your own veggies, fruits, have some chickens,etc. is still way better than crowded, polluted city dwelling. And- the bottom line is that legal weed from a store/dispensary is as expensive as ever. Growers- unite& keep up your profit margins!

  • Supervisors the problem

    Yeah we’re in trouble here I’m afraid Humboldt has seen its day in the sun and we’re heading down hill fast.resteraunts closing with many other buissnesses the depression is here,its starting.Those cunts at the planning department on there high horse power trip money grab and the supervisors are going to destroy thousands and thousands of people’s lives here.just goes to show you how a few can ruin many.the skill and dedication people give to the growth of cannibas here is going to be wasted by a few bureaucrat power pigs, and our economy is through!!!!! Vote no on measure o don’t fund to speed up the complete destruction of our economy on the north coast

    • Fuck the illegal growers who did nothing but drive up the crime rate increase taxes and never paid a penny in said taxes. They were driven by greed and now their days of living fat off illegal weed is over

      • Now that the prices of legal weed average 150% of the ’80s and ’90s black market prices, people talk about the greed of the black market.
        Now that Humboldt’s crime has been tied directly to opioids and amphetamines, people talk about criminals in the weed industry.
        Now I point out the obvious: all “weed crimes” consisted of possession-related charges- including manufacture and sales. We make, possess, sell, and use many things every day. Most of these things are not a crime. The real crime that centers around weed is robbery and murder. But it is not a crime to be the VICTIM of a crime. Blaming a grower for being robbed or killed is exactly the same as blaming you for your house being burglarized or your car stolen.

      • I don’t know where you get your info, but most of the growers I know pay taxes, and the only records they have are playing on a record player….

        • Pay some taxes where they can’t wriggle out of it. Not the large amount that their income would require from any legal work. The county would be a whole lot less ugly if they did pay what everyone else does.

      • Greed is capitalism, and you live in a capitalist country. You dont have to participate, but dont waste your hours being jealous of those who do. Growers have paid the lions share of property taxes and sales taxes in this county since the 1970s. The latest generation has in a large part paid income taxes as well, now that it is possible to do so. This is and is becoming much more apparent now as that economy locally is tanking. Go introduce yourself to a business owner of any type in Humboldt right now and ask about sales. It aint pretty, ask them why and you wont get more than one answer.

    • Well, for another perspective, I will say that black market prices and demand are higher this year than last. I’m sure it’s because of increased enforcement. Also, every (every) permitted farm is still selling on the black market. If they were not, the black market would be even stronger. The fact is, to survive as a grower you just need to be smarter than the forces out there that want to take you out, just like the old days!

      • Just what the world need- more clever crooks.

        • We prefer to be called outlaws or rebels. The federal government is a crook for lying to the American people and classifying the cannabis plant as a schedule 1 narcotic stating it has no medicinal value. They have lied we sir/man are just enforcing our constitutional rights as US citizens!!

          • Hippies have always been, and will always be, smarter than the straight and narrow minded.

          • It’s called Civil Disobedience…cannabis was underhandedly made illegal…mixed it all up with racism & immigration, just like always. The well educated kids of the 50s & 60s figured it out. ( I.e., they got ” hip to it”, thus Hippies). They went to organics & back to the land. Got away from the sleezey mainstream war of the time. K.I.S.S.

            • Sounds complicated let’s just agree the US created a huge tax free market so they could boost law enforcement coffers! I grow on a hill to pay my bills = hillbilly

            • It’s called being a crook. Only crooks, in their distorted self justification, take pride in their crookedness. Same as politicians rationalize their malfeasance by saying they “needed” money. Same as corrupt corporations justify it or police justify it or shoplifters justify it. All the same. They just “need” it.

              Everyone “needs” it. It’s what you are willing to do to others in the pursuit that makes one honorable and the other dishonorable.

      • I agree prices are great and stable. Never sold so fast right out of the gate. I don’t care where it goes it was bought, sold and grown in good ole Humboldt County. Another fabulous year and predicting many more! Black Markets Matter…

  • Congratulations Forbidden Fruit Farms! Please ignore all these lazy Fu*k trolls. They all clearly don’t work and either sit at home all day or in a Starbucks waiting to comment on this site. I’m sure they mostly live in some armpit of a town or small “city” surrounded by real junkies of one form or another and have nothing better to do than blame cannabis for the downfall of civilization. Wake up, it’s caused by poverty, a lack of education, and hard drugs. It’s either that or haters that have no confidence in this new white market since they blew whatever money they made in black market on some hillbilly rich nonsense. The best part of this is you now have a legal business doing what you’ve been doing your whole life. As you know, there is still a lot of money to be made in this business, and it’s really just getting going. If your not already, soon you’ll be getting 100’s of thousands in checks that you can spend however you see fit. Sure, there will be taxes, and the bills will never stop coming, but focus on management, compliance, spending your hard earned money wisely. Best of luck to you.

  • I’m happy these folks are free to grow but how about telling us the total amount of money you spent to accomplish this goal. Then I’ll decide if your story gives me hope or not.

      Without a stash of illegally accumulated capital, this would not have happened.
      I too wish you luck, but the whole story would be revealing I suspect.

  • May God have mercy on your soul for poisoning lives, minds, and communities with marijuana.

    Repent of your sins or burn in Hell with the Devil’s Lettuce…..

  • All still illegal

    One thing that is being overlooked, if this is one of the only farms in humboldt to receive a state licence, and it’s illegal to cultivate Untill you have one, then all these hoops with temperary county licenses are just as illegal as they were before this all started..Why aren’t they being inspected then eradicated ? County permit means nothing without a state permit, so anyone with hoops full or a big full term patch is breaking the law even more then a guy with zero permits, the going legal guys signed an agreement not to grow until state permits are issued. So in short this article is stating that there is only 1 legal operation in humboldt. There is still thousands of hoops out there that can be easily seen from public roadways, what’s the hold up, this article clearly states that they are all operating illegally except for this one recently permitted farm.The farms going legal should be inspected regularly to ensure they aren’t jumping the gun, and if they are they should be eradicated and prosecuted just the same as everyone else.The rules are the rules!For instance a person that is working on getting a real estate licensed can’t open a reality and start selling houses and property just because they are trying to get their licence, only when they have been issued one can they begin their business, same goes for ANY other legal business.

  • Reality Bites!

    All is wonderful that people get permitted so they feel they still have a livelihood as have not been trained to do anything else but grow weed. And for so many years all of them made so much profits and gouged so many users and Brokers so that they could have shoe boxes full of cash and go on elaborate vacations and with the bulgarians now in place spending multi millions of dollars on Ferraris and Bugattis.

    America at its best. Moving forward I don’t believe much of this will be sustainable. I think that based on all of the permits and all of the counties and all of the massive square feet in acreage producing cannabis, it’s only a matter of a year or two when the numbers crash like they have in every other state. If you look at Oregon indoors at $700 an outdoor is at 300 to $500. What’s going to happen in the future in California?

    What’s going to happen with the adjunct of the changing of the law or white label is no longer allowed. Can you imagine every Farms got license test to produce their own Brands and then create distribution and have enough market share with Outlets or retail or medical to actually pull a profit there’s probably 20 more brands on the shelf and there is people buying them.

    The industry is definitely going into mergers and Acquisitions and consolidation over the next four years when this happens we will see who’s that standing in Humboldt but alone other counties.

    Good luck to all we are everywhere

  • Wait…. so all those ads on Craigslist for “fully permitted cannabis farms” aren’t on the up and up? What am I going to do with all the money that Nigerian prince’s nephew is depositing in my account?

  • Everyone else is dog paddling through the permit process hoping they don’t drown trying not to drink the salty water glub, glub, glub and the waters are full of sharks 🦈 but wait a light at the end of the tunnel or just another big money funnel from the hole in your pocket .

  • The error is to apply mathematical plus-and-minus values to nature, resulting in the separation of mind and body or spirit and matter, into unrelated oppositional domains.

    Correction has jurisdiction over all fiction.

    Jurisdiction -Latin – juris meaning “law” and dicere meaning “to speak”. The power, right, or authority to interpret, apply, and declare the law. Merrium Webster’s Dictionary of Law, 1996.

  • “I was laying in bed with my partner”… who happens to be the gen manager of green roads… whatever it takes I guess. Just sounds funny when high AF

  • While you’re applauding control freaks without evidence for their claims, consider the following:
    (the graph didn’t copy – it’s from 2011 thru 2016)

    “The population percent change for Humboldt County shows it has 0.4% Population Change.”

    Compare this to The County’s 2011-2016 Administration Employees Change: 0.9%

    2011 2,216
    2012 2,258
    2013 2,281
    2014 2,281
    2015 2,331
    2016 2,380

    Humboldt County, 2016
    $261,680.00 $12,127.00 $0.00 $273,807.00 $61,771.00

    $335,578.00 (Total pay-O.T. & benefits)

  • Congratulations !!!

  • I just love government so much! Archaeological studies means that if they find one arrowhead one your ranch/farm is history as far as licensing. How ironic is that?? Brutally wipe these people out, then think so much about an arrowhead WTF!!

  • “Make humboldt great again”…

  • Lol.. so 1 farm out of like 10,000 or more in just the county is finally “permitted”..
    Congratulations on your ‘white lie’ permit.. Funny how the state rushed to ‘permit’ huge monster grows… but only one legitimate state cannabis farm in the entire county.
    Just wait till those big ag companies start coming online with huge hemp farms. Those big outfits will be running to the hills.. lol.. but really, all this fear about big ag.. the truth of the matter is… there aren’t a lot of supper suitable ag spots for huge cannabis farms. Most of these ag countries are extremely red, conservatives, and do not want big cannabis farms in the county. Most have profitable crops already.
    And the truth of the matter is, the more the state tries to crack down on the black.. the more it rises. If the state truely wanted to curb the black.. they wouldn’t have made such huge mondo farms. That just pushes people out to the black. If they really
    Wanted to curb the black, they would be working to help the little marketers thrive in state, with more easily accessible outlets. Easier permitting process. Hasn’t the state learned anything from the past. Heavy handed tactics do not work with cannabis. They cannot control it no matter how hard they try. But.. best of luck to these first permiters..hope it works out for them.

    • Reading Comprehension Isn’t Your Strong Suit

      You missed the first sentence in the article:

      “Today, a small Southern Humboldt cannabis farm, Forbidden Fruit, received the first two licenses issued for cultivators in the state of California.”

      Key words… “state of California”. Not just Humboldt County.

      • So.. huge monster grows are basically operating out of compliance, since they are operating without a state license. Since there is only one cannabis farm now permitted in the entire state. So big mono farms don’t have to wait for thier permits.. just the small people, and specifically just the hill folk of Humboldt.
        Thanks anyway but.. your comment is about as valuable as a screen door on a submarine…

        • [edit] huge monster grows (and all others including small grows) are currently operating within compliance with State “Temporary Cultivation Licenses” while waiting for their State “Cultivation License” to be issued. Big or small… EVERYONE gets a State “Temporary Cultivation License” while waiting for their finalized State “Cultivation License”.

  • Isn’t this a Great Country where you can make your own decisions to live how you want and where you want….. HUMBOLDT WON’T MISS YOU!

  • Supervisors the problem

    Estelle fennel we the people of southern Humboldt despise you as a person and as a will never be re elected and most of the community is counting the minutes till your term runs out or till you weez your last breath.We know you gave yourselves hefty raises with our $$$$$. And you’ll milk that 6 figures as long as you can but you could do the people justice and just step down.youve destroyed many lives already and put our community heading for financial collapse and ruin You’ve done enough damage!!!!!!! Please for the sake of the PEOPLE see yourself for what you REALLY are and realize that you were not meant to represent ANYONE !!!!!!

  • No one has taken issue with This point, which is really pertinent and really sums up one part of the situation: every licensed farm is still selling to the black market.

    • Fox in the hen house

      You are absolutely correct Emily ,if the tax was on how much was grown and sold instead of square footage you’d bet your ass the county would be inspecting more often and want proof of amount and sales.They can’t sell on the legal market though because they can’t control the bugs and mildew issues legally, the county knew that from the start that’s why they tax square footage per year instead, so now they don’t give a rats ass how much was grown or where it was sold

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