Crazy Bones Is Lost in Eureka

lost dog poster

Kakashi, an unaltered, male Australian Cattle dog or Red Heeler, went missing on April 17 around 5 p.m. from Summer Street between Harris and Henderson in Eureka.

“He is a red Heeler with a beautiful cattle dog coat, and ears that stand up very high!” said his owner. “He has a long tail, and if you look close, it has little black rings on it (so cute). He should have his collar on, a black and silver chain.  If you see him, he will come right up to you with his entire body moving in excitement (we like to call him crazy bones due to this)!”

Shay, Kakashi’s owner said, “Please help us get out baby back. My number is (707) 601-8233! You can call or text.”



  • Seen it on Wabash and C st. About 45 minutes ago. I just a long tailed healer .

  • Please, owner, get your dog fixed ASAP.

  • Why unaltered? Is the owner a dog breeder?

  • I’m a proponent of spay and alter, too. I’ve noticed that females are spayed much more reliably by owners who will bear the consequences of unwanted litters. Neutering males, however, is much harder to “sell.” Especially the ones owned by men who identify so strongly with their dog’s sex that the consequences are of no consequence. It’s a weird world.

    • Everyone so quick to want the anatomy of this beautiful innocent creature to be butchered, but when it is suggested for violent criminal humans there is so much opposition. How many women you know signing up to get their breasts removed if they aren’t planning on breeding or nursing? It’s easy to shout when its not your balls on the line.

      • Anatomy lesson 101- removing breasts in females will not eliminate pregnancy any more than removing breasts in males will, which is why scientifically savvy humans avoid it as a remedy for overpopulation.

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