Wanted Man in Del Norte County Calls Humboldt County Sheriff When Planning to Travel Through Area, Gets Arrested

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:


Mark William AlbertA wanted Crescent City man is in custody after alerting Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office dispatchers that he was entering Humboldt County.

The California Highway Patrol Crescent City Office issued a Be On the Look Out for Mark William Albert, 31, on Dec. 11, 2017. Albert had a warrant out for his arrest for making ongoing threats against Del Norte County Sheriff Erik Apperson and his family, as well as threatening to commit acts of violence against other Del Norte County law enforcement officers. Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies were warned that Albert was considered armed and dangerous, and may be in the area.

On Dec. 13, 2017 around 7 p.m., Albert contacted our communications center and told dispatchers that he was traveling northbound on State Highway 101 in northern Mendocino County. Deputies spotted Albert’s car near Garberville and followed it until backup arrived. Albert was taken into custody without incident at Shively Road.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office commends the dispatchers and deputies involved for their actions resolving this potentially critical incident in a safe and efficient manner.



  • Genius! Sheer genius!

  • Not the brightest crayon in the box🙈

  • He has completely lost it. He used to be so sweet

  • Maybe it was his way of avoiding getting killed by those he threatened?

  • He was denied healthcare for his terminal illness. This was the only way for him to receive heath care. Sort of a genius decision for him to make.

    • He wasn’t denied anything. He had a restraining order against him for going crazy and making threats.

    • So what health care was denied him that this move now will get him?

      • He has mental issues. He has posted many things that show why he was kicked out of places for care. He argues with doctors and telling them how to do their job. Then when he doesn’t get the answer he wants he threatens people’s jobs and lives. He has major mental issues that hopefully now will be delt with. He has threatened to kill people and harm children. He claims he has a brain tumor which he does not. So he needs mental help and hopefully this will help him.

    • Audrey and Wes Albert

      Mark has been bipolar since he was 8 years old. He was a really great kid until he went to Phoenix, He did get lithium toxic. That was when everything changed. Later he stopped all his medicines and that is when the nightmares began. He disowned his father, grandmother and me, his mother and stepfather and anyone else who loved him. It is really sad. He is very mentally ill and needs treatment. Maybe this will be the way it has to be in order for him to get the help he needs.

      • I’m so sorry for what you all are going through. I worked with mark a few years ago at Safeway and he was one of the sweetest people I had ever met. Prayers for you all, especially Mark. Hugs

      • Lithium toxic is not a condition. What was he doing ? Chewing on batteries. The guy is a total screw up.

        • Lithium toxicity is real. Lithium is used for mood stabilization and people do get toxicity from it. People who take it for bipolar or other mental illnesses require routine labs because of that. Chew on batteries?? You sound real intelligent.

  • unbridled phillistine

    Law enforcement takes threats against their own very serious! He did the correct and safest thing by turning himself in, Not withstanding whatever his health problems are.

  • Hey. Thanks for the chuckle, idiot!

    That was some state-of-the-art thinking!

  • He has lied to many about his health

  • Well, congrats to Mark for the right decision. He knew he was wanted & has mental health issues. His cry for help was answered with THAT PHONE CALL he made. I’m so gratefull.
    Hopefully he will now get the services he needs to come back on the other side of this.
    I’m on meds myself, they have brought me back from 3 stab wounds to my neck. I did to myself in 2011.
    Nuthouse for weeks(cause I was sober) when I did what I did.
    No matter who it is…. do not add fuel to the fire.

  • I am glad that Mark can get help. However, I hope that the people who he threatened can come to terms with the violation that causes. Not an easy hurdle to clear.

    Mark also took a LOT from a number of people (myself included). He scammed and defrauded people for thousands of dollars. Hopefully we too can get what is owed to us. I personally have lost $30,000 to the man for allowing him to talk me into carrying 2 notes on my dead father’s house (within 2 weeks of his death) and he reneged on the unsecured one that he assured me was the proper way to write things up. Shame on me for my trust of my father’s friend…but shame on him for screwing over someone who had lost a family member. His subsequent threats of lawsuits were a lovely addition to what he’s put me through for 2.5 years.

    I doubt sincerely that he turned himself in. According to his FB posts, he thought the sheriff’s office in Humboldt County would protect him and not arrest him. I’m betting he called to get an escort through the county. When he left, he posted that they “made sure he made it safely out” of the county.

    • He thinks he’s God. He acts like is better than everyone else and powerful. He’s a narcissistic monster. I’m sure you saw his posts where he wanted to kill the sheriff and make his wife a widow and the kids orphans. Or where he posted he wanted to kill his family and make him watch. Then he makes a post about being the most sweet and giving person out there. He deserves jail[edit]. Never in my life have I met someone or known someone to talk the way he does about people. Especially innocent children that are under 10. He’s a sick human.

    • Hu was he in his 60s 62. Skin,wore light blue ,light yellow with blue sweat shirt and sweat pants.NORTRE DAME BALL CAP.PlaysMUSIC

  • OH, and brainiac is on the phone, he wants to dry out in a cell again…

  • All these people saying he did the right thing turning himself in. LOL. Mark thought he was untouchable. He more than likely made that call because he thinks that HCSO was on his side. If you’ve never heard him talk about all these so called friends he has in high places then stop commenting making it look like he’s a good guy. He called thinking they wouldn’t arrest him.

  • This item fits right in with the one about Humboldt being the most “drug-addicted and dangerous place on earth”…

    • Fits in with many of the articles from home invasions to pit bulls. Yet two and two will persist to equal five in the minds of those who think the world is required to be what they think it is.

  • Nice, real nice. Guy looks like a damn hyena. Next time call Teddy, he’ll callous up them knees for ya.

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