Eureka Elf Offers You an Eco Gift

Eureka Elf City of Eureka- Parks & Recreation

FREE environmentally friendly reusable shopping bag–Click on images to enlarge. [All photos provided by City of Eureka- Parks & Recreation]

Press release from City of Eureka- Parks & Recreation:

Eureka Elf City of Eureka- Parks & RecreationThe holidays are here and ECO Eureka has a gift for you!  Make holiday shopping both heartfelt and easy with a FREE environmentally friendly reusable shopping bag!

These handy bags are durable, made from recycled material and informative with ways to take care of our beautiful city. Eureka Elf City of Eureka- Parks & Recreation Street map eurekaAll bags are designed with a complete and colorful street map that lets residents know when street cleanings are scheduled so that cars can be temporarily moved in order for all trash to be picked up!

Eureka Elf City of Eureka- Parks & Recreation shopping bag

Keeping the streets extra clean prevents pollutants from washing into waterways, especially during the rainy season. Pollutants that end up in the Humboldt Bay harm wildlife and cover our precious beaches with garbage. Remember, there is a plastic bag ban in Humboldt! You can help save Humboldt’s natural beauty by sporting this reusable bag.Eureka Elf City of Eureka- Parks & Recreation shopping bag

Come pick up a free reusable shopping bag at the Adorni Center located on 1011 Waterfront Drive in Eureka! Bags are limited to one per Eureka household, and can be picked up between 6am-9pm Weekdays and 9am-4pm Weekends. Take the pledge to stay green today!  This opportunity to make the community greener is brought to you on behalf of the City of Eureka and Recology. Bags available beginning December 1st and while supplies last.  For more information please call(707) 441-4248.



  • I think the elf is high af!

  • Hell yes she’s high. My first thought.

  • This made my day! I was running out of blog topics to bitch about. WTF is wrong with this picture? The statement-“Plastic bags are banned in Humboldt!” Oh yeh? Tell me I’m not seeing things in the stores with all the plastic bags being used. But, now the bags cost $0.10 each and that’ll save the earth from destruction!!!! Plastic bags are here to stay because they cost $0.001 to make. Businesses are making a killing on this eco touchy feely stuff. So this “super terrific bag” for free is going to save Humboldt? No. You should give them to the homeless to put their crap, their needles, their garbage, their stolen items in so the locals don’t have to pick it up day after day. Let’s consider these “freebies” small garbage cans to be left for pickup on each street corner in Old Town. Be sure to leave replacements for the hommies

    • Single use bags are banned, not resuable ones. There is darned little that the government mandates that don’t cost the tax payer an arm and a leg. This is one that costs remarkable little yet has a big impact. So the markets make a little on people who just won’t or can’t adapt. Not a big deal. Good for business as a compensation for the trouble of bagging groceries in a dozen bags.

    • Wow. Guess you missed the memo. AND the concept. Try again.

  • mayorofmyrtletown

    kewl !

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