Here Are Some Tips To Avoid Crashing Into Deer This Mating Season

This is a press release from Caltrans District 1:

Autumn is deer mating season – which means deer are on the move and less cautious about darting out into the road.  For example, in the past two weeks, Caltrans crews in Ukiah have seen an increase in deer collisions.  “This happens every fall, but it catches drivers off guard, especially at dusk”, said Caltrans South Area Maintenance Superintendent Marty Sills.   It is also mating season for elk, which are less numerous than deer, but just as hazardous to motorists here in northern California.

Drivers should be extra vigilant this time of year and follow these tips for driving in deer country:

  • Be particularly attentive between sunset and midnight, the hours shortly before and after sunrise, and in foggy conditions. Most deer-vehicle collisions occur during these times.
  • Drive carefully in areas known to have high deer populations. Places where roads divide agricultural fields or streams from forestland are particularly dangerous.
  • If you see a deer, slow down. Others are probably nearby.
  • Use high-beam headlights when there is no oncoming traffic. The high beams can reflect off animal eyes and warn you of their presence.
  • If a deer is in your lane, brake firmly but stay in the lane. The most serious crashes occur when drivers swerve.
  • Don’t rely on deer whistles, deer fences, or reflectors to deter deer.
  • If your car strikes a deer, don’t touch the animal. If the deer is blocking the highway, call 911.

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  • don’t use high beams and blast your tunes.

  • Cabin in the woods

    Don’t drive w/ your head up your ass or you might miss a text.

  • Beautiful picture! Is that by Kym?

  • They say not to rely on deer whistles, and of course that’s true, but… i put deer whistles on my old car after years without them, and definitely noticed a decrease in the number of near-collisions with deer. They do help the animals hear you and get out of the way.

    • I saw a deer crossing the road once, and it stopped moving because it heard something. It froze in the middle of the lane and when the car hit it I went to check things out. There were two mangled deer whistles on the bumper.

  • stupid dear jumped right of a cut bank I don’t think the stupid thing hooves even got a chance to hit the guond It was a five point buck during rutting season it totaled my new Chrysler labaron I was pissed that was a nice car had tubo fule injetion it drove very nice only had 50,000 miles on it matter of fact I’m still pissed dam dear hit one I my mustang too thing bounched right over my hood over the drivers side windshield across the roof of the car stoped and looked got lucky on that one not a scrach hit one in my dads dodge ram broke the dam grill out of that truck I hope them stupid dear just stay out of my way

    • Do you see the irony of calling the deer stupid? I’m pretty sure that if he could get his hooves on a keyboard he would spell better than you. Hell, he might even thrown in some punctuation.

  • Better late than never the deer rut is almost over and the elk rut in september.

  • I’ve hit three deer at a slow rate of speed they just jumped out at the last second and I was fucking looking at them. I slow down when I saw them but they still just jumped out and hit my truck. No damage to my rig and didn’t die. I watched one get my drivers door after I stop for a bunch of other dear dear

  • Apply the brakes until impact is imminent, then RELEASE the brakes. This will bring the front end of the car up and help keep the deer from coming across the hood to the windshield, and help to keep you from running up and over the deer. From personal experience, I can tell you this works. Originally the advice was included in a newsletter from my insurance company.

  • “If a deer is in your lane, brake firmly but stay in the lane. The most serious crashes occur when drivers swerve.”

    Statistics show that 50% of animal related car accidents are caused by attempting to avoid the animal; on the other hand 50% are caused by not avoiding the animal.

  • Pay attention, drive slower, and hit the brakes when u see wildlife along the shoulder of the road.
    This isn’t rocket science!
    I see people swerve at birds and turkeys all the time, watched my idiot neighbors teach their autistic son to shoot birds, I told them how horrible it was and they told me they wanted him to “be boyish” …. people are just idiots!

      • Black Rifles Matter

        Some people shoot birds and eat them. This makes them idiots? I have an autistic nephew who hunts turkeys every year. Not all autistic people are incapable of safely operating firearms. [edit]

        • Black Rifles Matter

          How you pick and choose who gets edited is like playing Russian roulette it seems to me. No rhyme or reason. You will let people bash on a neighbors parenting skills on an autistic child but not let someone comment back to defend??? The PC police is out in full swat tactical gear today. Watch out, she will cut your comment off at the knees

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