[UPDATE Sunday] New Fire Started North of Dinsmore, Multiple Acres

Fire off Hwy 36

Fire burning north of Hwy 36. [Photo by reader]

A fire broke out approximately at 12 p.m. near South Fork Mountain northeast of Dinsmore out Hwy 36. According to a reader, fire trucks were “deployed down Eight Mile and County Line Road.”

Another reader says that “a few Cal Fire planes [are] circling…smoke plume getting bigger and bigger.”

We understand that the fire is up Johnny Creek Rd (off County Line Creek Rd).

“It is very windy,” one reader tells us.

The scanner reports this is 75 acres as of 1:40 p.m.

Photo taken facing South Fork Mtn from the back of the Six Rivers Lodge in Mad River, according to a reader.

UPDATE 1:45 p.m.: Some of the surrounding homes are being evacuated. At this point, we don’t know which ones.

UPDATE 2:50 p.m.:  Mad River District Ranger Dan Dill from the Six Rivers Forest Service tells us his crews are on scene with “Southern Trinity Volunteers, Rio Dell Fire, Humboldt Bay and CalFire.” He says, firefighters are “doing everything we can.”

The National Weather Service has bad news though. The humidity is down to a mere 4% and while winds are running about 7 mph there are gusts getting up to 27 mph. Luckily, it isn’t too warm. It is only 73 degrees.

We are getting reports that structures have burned but we haven’t been able to confirm that.

UPDATE 3:11 p.m.: The Van Duzen Community Hall (we’re unsure of the official name but it is across from the Southern Trinity High School) is now an evacuation center. See map below. Double click to enlarge or click link to see on Google Maps.Evacutation Center Near Mad River
UPDATE 3:54 p.m.: More evacuation calls are going out over reverse 911. The  NEW evacuation center is Lambs Creek Christian Center near the intersection of Hwy 36 and US Forest Service Route 1. Below is a map.

UPDATE 4:21 p.m.:
Power went out for the residents of the Ruth/hettenshaw/Zenia rd area at 4:15 p.m.
UPDATE 4:26 p.m.: Some readers are reporting the power has come back on.
UPDATE 4:29 p.m.: On top of the fires burning in Lake, Mendocino, Yuba, Napa and Sonoma, a fire has now broken out in the Redding area. http://www.krcrtv.com/news/local/shasta/redding-fire-responding-to-vegetation-fire-threatening-homes/638006620

UPDATE 5:08 p.m.: According to the heat signature showing on Arcgis, the fire began on the southwest side of South Fork Mountain. It showed up on satellite about 11:50 a.m. The fire start was northeast of the Mad River about 4000 feet due east of the Six Rivers Forest Service Compound.

UPDATE 5:15 p.m.: This photo was taken by a drone from the air before air support arrived around 12:40 p.m.

From the air above the Van Duzen School at roughly 12:15 p.m..

From the air above the Van Duzen School at roughly 12:40 p.m. [Photo from HDD]

UPDATE 5:40 p.m.: Humboldt County just issued the following alert by text message:

Travel advisory for the communities along Highway 36 due to wildfire near Mad River and County Line Creek Road. More information will be distributed if evacuations are necessary for Humboldt County.

Then they sent a text message reminding everyone they can sign up for alerts in their area.

Wildfire Mad River area N of Hwy 36. Avoid the area & sign up for Humboldt Alert today! https://t.co/L5sIzlUCJH

UPDATE 8:44 p.m.: A message went out from Humboldt County,

No evacuation orders or major road closures are in effect for wildfire north of Highway 36 at County Line Road near Mad River. Firefighters will remain on scene overnight and provide a morning update. Dinsmore area residents will be notified of any changes to evacuation status. Always be ready! Thank you for your cooperation.”

UPDATE 10:38 p.m.: According to Mad River District Ranger Dan Dill from the Six Rivers Forest Service, firefighters have about 70% of the fire contained with “high hopes we will be mopping this up tomorrow.” He said they lifted evacuation orders at 7:30 p.m.

Dill also said that the power lines are fine. They were just temporarily deactivated while firefighters worked under and around them. The power is now restored.

County Line Creek Road is no longer closed. It was only closed during the evacuations. It is a gnarly rough road and there is a lot of people out there.

“County Line Creek Road is no longer closed,” he said. “It was only closed during the evacuations.”

UPDATE Sunday:  Click here for more information: River Fire Near Mad River: 85 Acres, 25% Contained



  • The Van Duzen Community Hall will be open for sheltering those evacuated.

  • Omg! My cousin lives up there. Everyone be safe!!

  • Oh please let this be contained and put out asap. Be safe everyone.

  • Time for a rain dance! Or to pray for rain. Sleep with one eye open.

  • Who is in charge? USFS or CalFire?

  • Call in that rain thats without wind and lightning, slow and steady rain, its coming!!!

  • What scanner are you using? We have a cabin across the river from there.

  • The fires hammered the area I live. Hopefully they get a handle on it quick;y. These fires are making big runs quickly. There was no warnings down here, at least they seemed to have learned from that.

  • hope everyone and the animals are safe


  • Kym, Dan says the evacuation center is now at the Lamb Creek Church.

  • any idea as to what areas are being evacuated?

  • Cabin in the woods

    First, foremost I hope all the folks up in this area can get to safety, safely.

    The old cabin is adorned in antlers from a different time. Now dusty w/ cobwebs, old lures & line.
    The memories I have, some to good to share, about the people, the river & the time I’ve spent there.
    There was plenty of nickel ante Yahtzee, fly fishing, ant hills & horseshoes. Relaxing in the shade when it was one hundred & two!

    Pan fried trout, caught at the break of dawn. Chiming on the hanging pots, playing grandpa’s old song.
    Hail on the metal rooftop as the thunder heads roar by, sweeping the floor for scorpions that snuck in before you arrived.

    Digging for old bottles in a one hundred year old dump. Finding old arrowheads at the base of a stump.
    Catching crayfish w/ chicken liver down in the river. A little butter, squeeze of lemon & now we have dinner.

    My grandfathers picture is one of the few old timers that is hand painted & hangs along the wall of the Mad River store. Not one of those old timers are around to tell their fish tales anymore. They certainly had some good ones, always had one on the line. The fish got bigger & meaner every time.

  • Sherri Sue Wright

    Has there been any news of suspect (ed) cause? I continue to find it greatly concerning that there is little to no reporting of the causes of all the fires burning around us. Why? Prayers once again for people and animals affected by these new fires, as well as all the others. Thank you to firefighters, first-responders, volunteers, and all others bravely helping in any way they can. <3 <3 <3

    • I’ve heard from a trusted source in CDF a respected batallion chief. The series of fires prior to this one in Mad River are being described as an act of coordinated terrorism. Not sure if that’s domestic or foreign.

      • No, most of the Sonoma,Lake,and Mendocino fires were started by powerlines falling on that windy day and night. There was 60 mph winds that nite, no ‘terrorism’ is being considered at this time, this is how rumors get started..

      • The news reported it may have or not have been started by a PG&E transformer. Though it has not been denied or confirmed, due to the ongoing fires and searches for missing people. Along with so many other aspects of these fires. I’m sure we will soon hear/ learn about causation.

    • Suspected Causes HAVE been reported as trees dropping on powerlines, and powerlines falling by themselves during the windstorm the nite they started. The 60 mph winds that nite, and extreme fire behavior has made investigating under those conditions very hard, as evacuating folks and fighting the fires has been priority. When time is safe, investigators will continue investigations..

      • Beyond whats started them are the conditions primed for erratic fire behaviour.
        The lack of brush removal around communication towers, the standing dead trees poisoned by corporate timber companies rather than cutting down the “unwanted” trees (even when fire fighters show up at public meetings demanding the practice be ended), the steady raise of temperatures on land and in the ocean and other factors related to climate shift are but a few of the issues changing the way fires burn. Read a climate shift modeling book from 30 years ago, almost scary how spot on the science is. Read any of the news outlets interviews with people studying effects of climate shift, there are some very clear explanations out there. Its not rocket science. In fact a lot of it goes back to the simple “for every action there is a separate but equal reaction”.
        Unfortinately most of us pay bills and taxes to the very companies who’ve been lax in their responsibilities to safety in the interest of paying their ceo’s more, and a govt that allows dangerous practices to continue. Its all about the money. These same company heads will now make billions off of rebuilding interests, big disasters are big money for corporations.
        People havent been protesting for years and years just for the hell of it.
        These are the outcomes we were all warned of, lets start paying attention even if it doesnt meld with your ‘politics’. Lets not let our neighbors die in vain.

  • My husband just texted this pic from further west at the top of Bear Creek Road. They are about 10 miles as along the road but less as the crow files. They have been watching the helicopters this afternoon. Two bombers just flew over. Any word on what areas they are evacuating?

  • The heat signature is now on the Arcgis map system to see exactly where it is at.


  • So very sorry to hear this–hope they can get it out quickly. The firefighters are spread so thin right now. Thanks for letting everyone know, Kym.

  • Thank you, Kym. I looked all over for information, then I remembered Redheaded Blackbelt. Sure enough you were on it! Thanks again!

  • OMG! No! Be safe everyone & praying that get it out soon. What a f#$%king year!!!!

  • Saw a C.C.V. From High Rock camp headed East on 36, earlier this afternoon. Kick Ass fellas.

  • The evacuation was for north of the Mad River.

  • Is this same incident as rekindled Buck fire or an entirely new fire?

  • Which direction is the winds blowing?

  • Tweeky growers setting fire to keep em busy!
    Build the wall!

  • So the update at 8:44 says that humboldt county says that there are no major Evacuations or road closures, so does this mean County line creek Road is open, I was suppose to go out there to my buddies property in the morning. He’s a few miles past the fire.

  • We’re any homes burned?

  • Wow. Because of your site and its updates, Kym ….I can, literally, sleep better tonight. Love our firefighters. Used to carry a beeper myself…hardest work I have ever done…fightingforestfires. im 64, now, and after the nightly newscasts, I am grateful to be protected…oh so greatful.

  • Hey friends up in Ruth. Hope things are all right. Some rain Thursday is posted, but you know those weather people. Best wishes and praying for it. Later my friends.

  • We have the very best fire fighters and the very best news coverage. Thank you all who protect us. ❤️

  • Has anyone heard any more about containment this morning ?

  • Good news! Great work firefighters!! Thank you Kym for all the updates!

  • Any word on this fire today?

  • Hi!! Something about Mad River fire, my nephew sent this yesterday 9.30 pm

  • Any updates from this morning. My parents have a cabin in the fire area and we have no idea if it survived. Can’t find any updates. Were there structures burnt.

  • I am also waiting for an update on any structure damage. On pins and needles to hear if my tiny abode survived.

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