[UPDATE Wednesday] Incredible Video of the Slide That Blocked 101 Tuesday Night Pouring Onto Road With Workers Scattering

Hwy 101 was once again blocked by a rock slide about 6 miles north of Leggett at Bridges Creek. (For more on the slide, click here.) Wendy Kornberg from Southern Humboldt caught the slide coming in at 9:04 p.m.

As the slide pours down, you can hear Kornberg urging the workers near the slide to “Run! Run!”

UPDATE: No Estimated Time of Reopening Hwy 101, Says Caltrans After Slide Re-blocks the Major Roadway Again

NOTE: If you are having trouble viewing the video, here are some suggestions:

  • According to a commenter below, “I use Firefox as my browser.. Aytime I want to view a Facebook or Instagram post, or a tweet embedded in an article, I have to “disable protection” by right-clicking on the shield icon to the left of the address bar.”
  • Try refreshing and hitting F5
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  • Why was the video removed?

    • It’s back. Small snafu.

      • It’s not there again on my comp anyway, just a quick FYI!!! Also the link for more info is broken as well!!

        • Dan, would you check again? The video is getting lots of views.

          • It’s having problems loading here too.

            • So, this raises an issue I’ve noticed before with various news sites: Embedding videos hosted elsewhere.

              Having the video hosted elsewhere leaves the video under the control of a third party. They may decide to remove, edit, or replace the video. This has happened before – facebook absolutely loves removing videos at the request of law enforcement or absolutely anyone else. Youtube isn’t much better. Editing or replacing doesn’t seem as common, but raises issues with the trustworthyness of news – the video being shown to a site’s visitors may be different than the one the reporter saw. And some video hosting sites have gone out of business, or expired old videos, resulting in the loss of content.

              And, of course, technical issues abound. This video seems to load for some people and not others. You have no control over this, and facebook will not care in the slightest if you complain to them. Their player has large amounts of bloat, and has always been unreliable.

              The fix to all of this would be to mirror videos and host them locally. Then you can be sure content isn’t removed (intentionally or otherwise) or modified, and make sure it is reliably accessible to all your visitors.

              Of course, it is more work. Tradeoffs. 🙂

              • The big problem is probably my lack of technical prowess. I don’t know how to mirror or how to download this video as Facebook has made it impossible the normal way.

                • The ‘work-around’ for Firefox browsers doesn’t work around the problem here. Cannot view the video on this page nor on the FB page.

                  YouTube is optimum. Many people do not have Facebook and do not want to engage with Facebook.

                • I agree. Unfortunately, I do not have the skills to download this video. I tried but couldn’t.

      • They are toying with our lives,
        When will they really fix it right?
        They arent applying the right,methid here, apparently you all don’t know ,..ignorant ,…
        but caltrans, is trying to cheap out on this stretch.
        Ask an engineer already

        • I’m married to one…

        • Hilarious, you can’t spell method and you’ve also misplaced a comma and you’re calling them ignorant. . . . .LOL

        • How can you call anyone ignorant? Read your own comment, that is what ignorant looks like. Cal-trans is doing the best they can under the circumstances. While I understand some people just have to place the blame some where… try Mother Nature. Pray some where down the road she don’t strike your butt with lightening. In the mean time, be thankful for the men and women of Cal-trans for being out there, putting their lives on the line, so that people like you don’t have to worry about how safe the roads you travel on are.

  • hopefully no one was engulfed by the slide.. :0{

  • Great Video! This confirms that Bigfoot is responsible.

  • Jeez! F—-ck! I wonder if the 101 at legget will ever be re opened..that whole mountain just keeps moving…

  • Wow, great video.. Promise to get the road open in a rush job, lucky no one was killed. Mother Nature (1) People(0)

  • Holy moving mountains, Batman!

    And all the commenters — with no real knowledge whatsoever, as usual — who thought it would be such an easy thing to deal with this. Armchair nutballs.

    Is nutball redundant?

  • Great video! People need to quit barking at Caltrans (on other posts) at taking their time. Ya can’t argue with a mountain. When it’s gonna come down it’s gonna come down and you can’t underestimate it’s power. Caltrans is working to keep their people safe and the public. It’s a shame it had to happen so soon after clearing it. Caltrans have their hands full I think.

    • I completely agree. I drove through there today and said the same thing. Those men and women are risking their lives to “hurry up and fix it.” It is very obvious that the mountain is unstable.

    • Humanityfirst: very good point! It’s so easy for people to blame CalTrans, this is a serious situation with a mountain.
      All the complaining about CalTrans gets irritating. My former husband worked at PG&E, people would complain about there power being out around Christmas and I’d be like Seriously. The longest I recall my husband being out at one stretch was 42 hours. He wasn’t home with his family, he was out ensuring you got power. The worse complainers were the “Kneeland” and “Remote Areas”. Gee I’m sorry you choose to live in those areas, be prepared.

  • Wow, Mother Nature is brutal when she wants to be! Hope everyone got out of the way in time. Cal Trans and their sub-contractors sure have their hands full here. Work safe, stay safe and please stay alive!

  • Video isn’t working for me.

  • This is what happens when you cut into a mountain to make a road. Just saying. Glad no one was hurt!

  • Her running commentary was perfect. Not much more to say than OH, my god. Fascinating video.

  • Frightening!!

  • I’m thinking the more that comes down the better. Better now,rather than getting it all fixed and more comes down taking everything and people too!! So let it pour

  • Stay safe out there!

  • great video.. glad everyone was ok..

  • Holy crap thats nuts, those workers deserve a serious bonus for being out there.
    Time to get some money to the small plane pilots and look more into supplies coming in by air or sea.
    We do live in a very seismically active area, they will probably have to build another bridge to solve this.

    Too bad the old highways werent kept up, at some point somewhere in there those hills were gonna give, confusion hill showed us that.
    Having the 271 to use when 101 was blocked in december was lucky.

    Wouldnt it be great to have a good airline in arcata that didnt gouge everyone majorly??? Oh for the days of alaska air there. Beyond price, united is being shown for the crappy company it is lately, maybe time to ask alaska back.

    Just curious, any small plane pilots out there, how much would you charge from ukiah to garberville or eureka murray field?

    • Where did Horizon / Alaska airlines go?? more profitable markets? Where did Delta go? more profitable markets. You should be happy to have an airline. What will you do when you have NO airline?

    • Gogi – You are right on the money talking small planes for supplies and people runs if possible. It’s a great way to provide transportation in a situation like this,. We used to have more bush pilots than we do today and the Piper Cubs could do a mean landing in a small patch of dirt, on the river bar…..(if there is any not covered in water). Lot of the real barnstormers are gone now – not as many “IFR” = I Follow Rivers” kind of pilots left though. Not sure who would be a good pilot to call now, GBV Airport’s a little defunct these days, plenty of pilots and planes but not much formal in the way of pick up flights unless you know someone. And the weather needs to cooperate a bit too.But small planes – my kind of way to go if I have a choice. I feel bad for Heather K. – that close to driving past the slide and had to turn and find another way home. Better safe than sorry though. Even when the weather clears and the mountain stops moving it will be some time before this is resolved. Then it will stabilize and it’ll be until the next time they take a serious look at where might be a less temperamental to rerouted 101 if at all possible.

    • Deborah Kislingbury-Boivie

      Alaska air was great for a while. Now they charge exuberant prices. Even in AK where people must travel by air or ferry to get anywhere in the state! You’d think they could give the AK commuters a bit of a break! But NOoooo! They are money grubbbers just like any large and greedy company. Mores the pity.

  • shit don’t work – no video and link for more info doesn’t work.

  • I think it’s time to get real about global warming.

  • Video isn’t working for me either!

    • I just checked and it is working. I can tell by the numbers of viewers on it that most people are able to view it. I think there must be something wrong on your end.

      • agree. some people block social media and this is the source of the video. thanks for sharing. kinda scary! SO SAD!

        • I use Firefox as my browser.. Aytime I want to view a Facebook or Instagram post, or a tweet embedded in an article, I have to “disable protection” by right-clicking on the shield icon to the left of the address bar.

          • That might be the problem. Thanks for the tip.

          • Firefox browser here. No shield icon on either side of the address bar. Spinning circle on the video. F5 isn’t the ‘refresh’ key here; that’s not universal. Currently, no way to view it here or on Facebook.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    God’s judgment on all the people cultivating The Devil’s Lettuce.

  • Covelo or busted

    Whoa! Thanks, was going south…. WAS…. The small safety fence REALLY worked to help stop the initial slide! Something to be learned here. Was the will Om Allaha… Thank Jesus that no one was hurt. Local contractors Big $$$$$$$$$.. Could pay off my excavator on this one!

  • They need to Dynamite the Top of that Mountain. Bring it all down at once .

  • Marvin Chappman

    Two bridges would solve the problem – just do the same as at Confusion Hill

  • Thanks for all the info miss Kym!

  • Looks like we found a place to spend all that measure z money . Fix the damn road ! Put some money into the alternates so the cops don’t have to play road guard and stop locals from making it to school . We drive those roads all the time . The meek force their fear of dirt roads on the masses and decided you can’t use a viable alternate because city folk can’t drive on dirt . Funny thing is , those closed roads are ones we have paid for but some how now only locals can use them .
    Take all that measure z money and sink it into the infrastructure around here . Then tell the cops they can go back to bothering cell phone users and do some real good in he world.

  • Thanks. Great video.

  • Oh Momma the big one is coming.................

    We did have two small earthquakes. Did that have something to do with the slide?

  • Yes, great video! Thank you to the camera woman for sending it to Kym! Good fast thinking!

  • On a positive note; the weather is supposed to be sunny for a week or so. It will be clear weather for the entire 12 hour detour.

  • Debra Pritchard

    no video – just an ad
    wish I could have seen it

  • Video doesn’t work for me either. Must one belong to the Facebook club to see it?

  • ….”yeah thats closed”

  • barefoot charley

    Great video, thanks! Is this Confusion Hill’s revenge?

  • Hmmm… why doesn’t the state call in the Calif National Guard… and shell the hillside. That would bring most of the loose rock down.

    Then clean it up.


    • The problem with blasting something like that is that it fractures the mountain and it will never stay in place afterwards. Kind of like the bluffs between Garberville and Redway that they blasted in the early nineteen hundreds.

  • This is reminiscent of “Carl’s slide” a couple of miles south of this slide. Each slide got a little bigger until a good part of the whole mountain came down and crossed the river. You would catch me running a spider on that sloping rockpile.

  • Now all we need is Caltrans to sell this rock to Mendocino county for a dollar so the county road crew can fix up Bell Springs and make it more passible!

  • Crazy – the power of a mountain and how quickly it escalated

  • I was in Ukiah last night, with a 9 a.m. court date, and then planning a leisurely drive back up 101. This morning, as I usually do, I checked your site and got the news. So now its back out to the valley to Redbluff and across 36. Thanks for posting the news so quickly , it saved me a couple of hours driving up to Dora creek just to be turned around.

    That is an incredible video of the slide. When it gets going it’s coming down as if it were water and not earth. Whew!

    • Glad to save you some time, Ed. Sorry you have to go around though.

    • 36 is one way in 4 spots. A couple due to slides.

      • 36 was Hectic.. It looks like that route might go soon too.. so many slides though less rocks and boulders in the road as the last time I drove it a couple years ago mid-winter..

        The cliffs are straight down at every turn and the small space between car and cliff are comprised of loose gravel and mud, which if it gets cold enough at 3k prob be ice. Visibility is 10-20 ft ahead in some spots.

        The water in the lakes is so high next to the 20 who knows about that route either.. kinda crazy passing thousands of burnt black trees some now halfway under water.

        we just did this a decade ago. the old 101 by confusion hill is now largely invisible= an afternoon mountain snack .. I’m no engineer but can’t imagine designing the same thing thrice.. like Ernie and Frank said..

        A Bridge? Improve all other routes? Helipad for each neighborhood? Charter flights to SF? And what about that rail line…?

  • Mercury is retrograde til May 3 + the few day window beyond for gradual withdrawal of a tendency of snafu on things to do with travel & communication. Maybe sit it out rather than continue to endanger everyone & waste $. The earth angels who keep watch there supporting the force of gravity to not follow its natural course need a coffee break. What’s amazing is that the mountain has maintained stability this long!

  • Simple physics and basic math, the toe of the slope (bottom of the hill) holds the hill in place. If you remove the toe of the slope (just clear the road) gravity will bring the hill down until the toe is replaced. Excessive rain accelerates the process by increasing the weight of hill, and reducing the friction in the dirt above the bedrock.

    Thanks for trying CalTrans. But its pretty obvious a quick fix is not going to work.

    • I’m sure they will work from the top as they have on other slides. I think this was a quick temporary fix to relieve the pressure of locals, many stuck on the wrong side of home. Last week was spring break for our local schools with many families traveling. They knew not to use Bell Spring Rd. if they could wait it out.

    • Covelo or busted

      Steve Franks..You forgot to add water into your equation… And…….Has alot to do w/ Geology …. Not just all math…

  • Give these workers a break, they are doing the best they can. They are dealing with Mother Nature & certain things are out of their control. Be thankful no one is hurt & that they are continuing to work in this weather & risky conditions to benefit others., thank you to all who put themselves out their to help others 💕

  • Video worked fine and immediately for me. Was intense!

  • Omygod, omygod, omygod…how annoying. How about Oh My Geologist or something?

    • Covelo or busted

      HEY GRUMPY! F.Y.!……Wendys video was FANTASTIC! Thanks Wendy!…I stood and watched a Huge mudslide earlier this year ,It swept a road and forest away in 5 seconds…. i had a camera….. In my pocket…..WE had just been standing where the Mt came down… all i could do was say HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!……I was very glad to be alive!…..Sorry to be SO annoyinfyg!

  • I think the money earmarked for the hi-speed rail system could be better spent turning our backwoods county roads into viable detours around this unstable corridor of Hwy 101.

  • When I looked at those pictures from last week, you could see the whole top and sides around the slide look like they are ready to come down. This might be going on for awhile.

  • That section of 101 has been sliding since I was a kid. And, I’m old as dirt! CalTrans has been band aiding it since I was a kid and this is the result. They spent BILLIONS on straightening out some curves on 299 instead of spending money where it needs to be spent. People don’t need to fly between 3 and 5 on 299. The slide area on the west end of 299 has been coming down and closing the road for DECADES. Part of 36 has been one lane and threatening to cave in for DECADES! The powers that be in Sac have their heads up a space that never sees daylight! Maybe Gov. Moonbeam needs to get out of Sac and drive some of these roads and then rethink where those Federal grants and gas tax moneys are spent!

  • Watching that video made my heart hurt for all the people who worked so hard to clear the road. Days of work earased in seconds. Mother Nature is powerful! And on her own time!

  • This reminds me of a place in BC where long ago, the Native people told the white folks to not settle their town at the base of what they called “Turtle Mountain” because they knew the mountain moved. The white folks went ahead and built their town and then in the dark of one early morning the entire town was laid to rest and the area became known as the “Frank Slide”. It didn’t have anything to do with global warming, just white folks not respecting the fact that they didn’t know it all, and the Native people knew something worth listening to.

    • Covelo or busted

      MJ…. Look up the story of Ozette, near NEAH BAY WASH.. Mudslide 500 years before whitey was on the scene, stupid natives!

  • I travel through that area often heading for Fort Bragg. Notice the rock formation in the area. I do not believe that area will ever be stable. The rock formations in that area are full of fissures. With the temperature changing through the Seasons (four years of drought and record rain fall this last year) you can expect many more landslides. Cal-trans is in that area on most of my trips. There is not a permanent solution at this time. Wendy thank you for an incredible video.

  • It’s called the Lost Coast for a reason. It’s stayed lost because it’s geologically unsuitable for roads. And railroads, which require gentler grades than highways. And harbors as well, without regular artificial dredging, there is no harbor/port either. If you ask an engineer, they’ll tell you to put your industry requiring transportation somewhere else. And while we’re covering basic remedial reality, roads wear out when you drive on them. Hauling huge volumes of soil on wet dirt roads destroys the road, suffocates the fish and will cost loads of money to fix the roads and your vehicles. Farmers don’t buy dirt and truck it uphill, they buy farmland, which is flat ground with reliable supplies of plentiful water, also rare on the North Coast. So: buyer beware!

  • Had no problem watching the video , was reading Kym’s blog and came across the video. Great video, kudos to Wendy for capturing it…..BTW I viewed it thru Internet Explorer

  • Thanks for posting! Thank goodness no one was hurt!

  • Great video considering the circumstances. I live in Bandon and have seen sites like this on Hwy 42. Once came upon the beginning of one and a guy in a pickup pulled over and directed us around it as it was falling. He did a good job and the right thing because he had seen it high up on the hillside and I would not have seen it until it hit the pavement.

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