[UPDATE Wednesday] 101 Closed Again at Bridges Creek


After the slide came in tonight.  The rocks have pushed the barrier back across the road. [Photo from Caltrans]

According to Caltrans, “U.S. 101 is closed again north of Leggett due to another large slide, at the same location that just reopened.”

UPDATE 9:36 p.m.: According to a tweet from Humboldt County, “Please use Hwys 20, 36 & 299 as a detour. Do not use local roads to avoid slide. Many r dirt roads, damaged by storms & not for Hwy traffic.”

UPDATE 9:51 p.m.: A reader sent in a broad view of the slide.

Slide over highway

Lights show how the slide has covered Hwy 101 deeply. [Photo from a reader]

UPDATE 10:08 p.m.: A trucker’s wife allowed us to embed her Facebook post which has a video from her husband who is stuck on the far side of the slide in a semi….image backing up a big rig or turning it around there….

UPDATE 10:30 p.m.: A reader shared this dashcam video of the workers on the slide frequently stopping traffic as they are obviously worried about the slide coming in. The dashcam owner said he was either the last or one of the last through before the slide came down.

UPDATE 10:52 p.m.: Mendocino County Department of Transportation’s Facebook page just posted, “Due to the closure of Hwy 101 North of Leggett, California by Caltrans, Bell Springs Rd is again CLOSED. The previously posted conditions for passage are in effect. Please see the press release dated April 20, 2017 for more information.” (See here for the press release.)

UPDATE 11:30 p.m.: Incredible Video of the Slide That Blocked 101 Tuesday Night Pouring Onto Road With Workers Scattering

UPDATE Wednesday: No Estimated Time of Reopening Hwy 101, Says Caltrans After Slide Re-blocks the Major Roadway Again



  • The slide that keeps giving

  • Nooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • Just glad the few lucky travelers made it through safely

  • C’mon, you all should’ve known this wasn’t over yet. Still raining its going to keep sliding.
    Hope not too many got stuck away from home. Its a long drive around. Like 8 hours…

  • Hope spider back hoe didn’t go sliding along down the slide whupsee.

  • I bet the whole damn hill will go. Hope not tho. HSU graduation problems.

  • I am so thankful no one got caught under that deluge of rock and mud. I daily go through the two large slides on the 96 on my commute to Hoopa and carry overnight gear in case I get stuck behind or between them the slides. Praying for no major quakes!!!

  • Oh No! It was good while it lasted. Better call back the spider!

  • My wife and I passed through the slide at around 4PM today (South to North). There was a lot of activity at the site of the slide. I have assumed that all those trucks hauling away dirt and rocks were moving the debris from the North side to a storage location on the South side. When we were ready to cross over the slide area there was a CalTrans employee watching the slide. He looked up and held up his hand for us to stop. Then he waived us on to go across the slide area. I was glad to see that CalTrans was watching out for the people driving through the slide area. It will be a long ride back to the Sacramento area for us if the road is not opened up again by Sunday.

  • i hear you bcan get oround it going the usal road ,lol

    • Don’t even joke about that. It is NOT an option!

    • Come on. A little irony may get some poor sucker in a heap of trouble.
      Note to adventuresome city folk: In case you trust your GPS or can’t detect sarcasm, STAY OFF OF USAL ROAD. It’s marginally open 5 pretty rough miles to a really beautiful primitive campground from the south. It ends there in a gate, locked because the road is impassible for 18 miles.

  • The Myth of Sisyphus plays out in Humboldt on The 101. Not one big rock; but many smaller ones…same result.
    Thanks to the Greek gods and goddesses of Caltrans!

  • If it’s shut down anyways might as well dynamite the whole thing, then clean it out and be done with it for awhile.

  • To the out of towners: take 36 to 5 in the daylight. 299 to 5 if you’re travelling at night.
    299 is slightly longer with some almost guaranteed delays from other slides, but safer at night, especially if you’ve never driven 36.

  • I do not recommend the Riverwood budget hotel in Willits..

    Anyone have an eta for the 20 from Ukiah to 5 to 36 to 101s?

  • stopwastingourtaxmoney

    It has been made abundantly clear by a certain son of a bitch reader, myself that caltrans is not adressing this the right way.
    Again i ask you kym to get us the names of the responsible engineers that are handling this project.
    Simply saying Caltrans is a bit vague.
    Seems to me you along with caltrans got your money riding on the readers ignorance, then pretend it isn’t so.
    And I’m with you in that look around people are especially up here pretty stupid. But caltrans should know better than opening this stretch leaving drivers with way to high of a risk to get killed.
    Why do We need a casualty before you all underatand that caltrans is not doing their job right here. Is it that hard to comprehend that the slope,cant,be left that steep? What’s there not to get?
    There’s also a spring that undermines the hillside so im wanting to know if caltrans even knows how to a dress this problem area? It sure doesnt seem like it. Therea a solution to every problem. This one requires more than the standard cheap,as,possible approach and none of you know it. Incredible

  • My friend who got through with the first group at 5:30 pm Mon. is now in Humboldt planning to come home (way south of slide) via Redding.
    I really feel for everyone who is stuck on the “wrong” side, cut off from family, friends, and work — or whose family, friends, and work on cut off from them; and for all the hardship caused by the closing of the major artery to the outside world — but remember — it’s better to be stuck behind the slide than under it.

    And no matter how horrible Caltrans, the bureaucracy, is — the workers are heroes, heroes, heroes! Did you see how long they stayed watching the slide while those big boulders were falling? They deserve the same love and respect we give to firefighters.

  • Very scary. I think it was irresponsible of Caltrans to open the road with the current conditions. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. A state employee/contractor or a driver is going to get killed.

  • I would love to see some, no, all of the writers above who haven’t even the smallest word of praise or thanks for the Cal Trans workers who have spent many more hours in the cold rain, watching and working on that slide, do that job for just an hour. I wonder how long it would take before they whimpered and bitched about the conditions and the danger. Instead of complaining, why not bring them some hot coffee, sandwiches, etc.? Or are you too comfy, sitting at your computer in your warm house to even think how miserable they must be trying to get the road open.

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