Tattoos and Sneakers Are Clues to Identity of Drowned Man

Sneakers and socks found on drowned manThis is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

An autopsy was conducted on Thursday, December 29, 2016 for the decedent found on the Ma-le’l Dunes in Manila on the 26th. The cause of death was determined to be drowning.

Coroners have been unable to make positive identification of the decedent due to the condition of the body. The decedent is described as a Caucasian male in his early 20’s, with red/brown hair, about 5’7” tall, weighing 120-130 lbs, and wearing navy sneakers with socks. He also had two tattoos, one on each arm near the shoulder. Both tattoos are only partially visible due to the poor condition of the body. The tattoo on the right arm appears to be either an outline of a woman’s face and breast or possibly a dog. The tattoo on the left arm is colored red and blue, and looks like a face of a woman with flowing hair.

The Coroner’s Office is requesting the public’s assistance in making positive identification of the decedent. If anyone has information in regards to this investigation, please contact the Coroner’s Office at 707-445-7242.

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  • That Sauce Is Boss

    super sad, but honestly I want to see pics of this tattoo that could either be an “outline of a woman’s face and breast or possibly a dog” where’s pics kym?

  • Old town has a serial killer.

  • Another lost soul.heartbreaking his family is unknown.god bless and r.i.p. young man

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    The human wreckage was massive this year.
    One can only hope that 2017 will be better.

  • How sad that no one has reported this young man missing. I hope it was an accidental drowning and not his own doing. May he Rest In Peace

  • Kym Kemp I facebook messaged you a name. At work and can’t call out.

  • Its sad because the young man is probably from out of state came here trimming &now he’s dead nobody back home is missing him because he’s. On a cool road trip to humboldt to score a cool trimming job nobody from home will be missing him for a long while

    • May even be from another country. When we would go to get groceries in Willow Creek, this summer, there was so many different languages being spoken.

  • You guys don’t even know if it was murder. It could be just some tweaker — 120 LBS? That’s skinny. Also, if you look at the police report, most incidents are alcohol-related. He could be just drunk and decided to go for a dive.

    My hypothesis: death caused by stupidity

    • Dert, Shame on you!
      Addiction is a disease! it effects the way people think or rationalize common logics of danger. Your comment Death by stupidity is an ignorant statement, the young homeless population is increasing due to addiction. No person, deserves such disrespectful comments. You the same as the rest of these readers have absolutely no clue as to what happened to this young person. Be it accidental, Murder, or a person not in their right frame of mind it Is a very sad yet to familiar story. Have Some respect for the deceased, and his family who will eventually come across this story.

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