[Audio] Humboldt’s last week of news; NFL linebacker Rey Maualuga guests

Courtesy of Rey Maualuga

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week: An interview with Eureka High School graduate and Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga, who is currently playing in his eighth NFL season.

During the conversation the 29 year old athlete discusses how he spends his time when he returns to Eureka, life as an NFL player, and acting alongside Jon Hamm in “Million Dollar Arm.” He also provides a little motivation for locals wanting to achieve big things.

“I had a lot of doubters, a lot of naysayers saying that… I wasn’t going to become anything,” Maualuga said. “If you sit around and do nothing and listen to what everyone is saying, you’re obviously proving them right. Unless you do something — then you control what the next step is gonna be.”

Also covered: The grown adult men who were arrested for stealing toys from needy kids, the man shot by Eureka police pleads not guilty, HSU’s banned band, a national award for a local hospital, the Humboldt strain that took home the top prize at the “Oscars of the marijuana industry,” and a fun giveaway.

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  • Merry Christmas kym an merna kemp

  • Met Rey in Eureka when he was signing in his first year with the Bengals. He impressed me as a soft spoken man who would make a great role model for the younger kids. He had a few bumps in the beginning but overcame and has represented Humboldt County on and off the field. Go Rey ! You are a class act.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Rey is an awesome guy! Played football with him in high school. Crazy to think when he moved up here he was a running back, and played some defense as well. Because of an injury to a linebacker, he stepped up as the starter and the rest is NFL history! Go Rey! I’m sure you’ve exceeded your pop’s expectations!

  • Rey Maualuga is an inspiration to us all. He has reached the pinnacle of his profession and is one of the premier athletes in the world!

  • Did he talk about his bengals teamate who got busted receiving humboldt herb in the mail?

  • Hum broseph- I believe he (other Eureka High athlete) no longer plays on the team !!! Threw his career away. Can’t keep making mistakes and play in the NFL.

    • sharpen your pencil

      What could have been, “he” was an amazing athlete, whom all of us that new him thought he’d do great things in either basketball or football.

      • Your right,at least Rey knew what he wanted went after it and made it.you can’t do drugs and play ball!!and for all young folks,please never give up on your dreams,if you work hard keep focused YOU MAKE IT,if you need help ask

        • sharpen your pencil

          Rey had drive, which the passing of his father only pushed him harder. The other guy we speak of probably had more “raw” talent, but lacked the drive, sports in high school came too easy to him. He could have road that into something amazing, but didn’t.

  • Floyd R. Turbo AMERICAN

    Right! No drugs in the NFL. You’re only allowed to fight your dogs and beat your wife. We draw the line at drugs, Americans won’t except that kind of behavior. (no reflection on you Rey, sorry) Happy Holidays!

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