[UPDATE 8:43 p.m.] Shooting in Eureka; officer-involved

Not long before 5 p.m. there was an officer-involved shooting in Eureka. We don’t know yet what the initial call that brought officers to the scene was. We do know that a man was shot on 5th Street. We also know that multiple agencies have been called in to assist Eureka Police Department. Those include the Humboldt County Sheriff’s department and Arcata Police Department.

Our reporter  spoke to one man who claimed that someone running from law enforcement pointed a gun at him and apparently demanded that he get out of his car but the citizen was able to flee in his vehicle.

We should have more photos and video from the scene soon.

Update 5:35 p.m.: 5th Street is closed at A and being diverted around. Please avoid the area if possible.

UPDATE 6:40 p.m.: Photos by Mark McKenna.

[All Photos by Mark McKenna]

[All Photos by Mark McKenna]


 UPDATE 8:15 p.m.:

Chief Andrew Mills of the Eureka Police gave a press conference. You can hear the audio above but here is the gist of what he said. (Here is a rough transcript.)

Today about 16:43 hours, CHP called for a Code 3 assist which means to get officers there as fast as we possibly can because they had a foot bail from a car where a guy was running with a gun. Uh That ended as our officers started to arrive.

A short time later witnesses started calling and then people were pointing to officers the direction the man had run saying again that he had a gun. Officers got in the area uh since we are right obviously close to EPD, a lot of officers were able to get there quickly… It was shift change. It turned into another foot pursuit with this guy crawling over fences and running. With Officers again verifying that the guy had a gun.

Uh He uh started running towards the EPD. Officers uh in what I understand camouflage pants… and officers started calling out that there were shots fired.

A short time later at 16:52 hours, there was an auto theft with a gun. We don’t know if it was a car-jacking or just an auto theft with a gun. He stole a person’s car. It’s the red Mazda that you see sitting out there in the middle of the street.
And officers got close to it. He bailed from the car. Another foot pursuit.
Again shots were fired and uh at that point the suspect fell to the ground. WE recovered a firearm that is being held for evidence.

Right now he is in surgery we don’t know his condition at this point. However we have four officers that were involved in the situation at different times.

This was a hairy situation. I was very thankful that none of our officers or no civilians were hurt. He is currently in custody at the hospital awaiting the outcome of surgery.

I will not take any questions at this time. I just don’t have enough information to give you yet. That I can stand behind and say this is true. At this point I am happy to come back out and brief you as I get more information but it could take some time in darkness like this… We’re going to have to account for every round that was fired and where those rounds went….Thank you very much.

UPDATE 9:54 p.m.: ‘I Would Have Been Riddled With Bullets: A Witness Describes Tonight’s Officer-Involved Shooting and Provides Video



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