[UPDATE 9 a.m.] Ready to Harvest? So Is the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office; Convoy Headed South

Humboldt County Sheriff Marijuana Multiple readers report seeing a convoy with a wood chipper heading south on Hwy 101. Last sighting was near Hooker Creek Road about 8:25 a.m.

Reports vary but one reader wrote that there are four Fish and Wildlife vehicles, three unmarked vehicles and four or five Humboldt County Sheriff trucks.

UPDATE 9 a.m.: Last seen headed out Briceland Road.



  • For those who don’t know, Hooker Creek is the south end of Avenue of the Giants….so they are going somewhere east or west of Garberville. Good luck everyone.

    • Best burgers in Sohum right there.. And at a reasonable
      Price! Love you Chimney Tree

      • Yeah right if you don’t mind supporting a lady that ripped off money from our schools she will never get my money!!!!

        • Guest- Haha that’s awesome! I’m with you!

        • Want to fill the rest of us in on details of this accusation?

        • Ohhh..the chick who stole ROTR fundraiser $ from Redway Elementary, some years back? Wasnt it like $10,000-$20000?

        • The owner may have made a mistake 10 yrs ago, but Since then she has donated tons of her time to helping South Fork, she has been on the Booster club for years, she was the snack shack coordinator for a long time, she donated food for fundraisers, she brought food for the softball team and cheerleaders, If you knew her, you would know she is a very generous and kind person, and she runs the Chimney tree well, and makes an honest living, which is more than most of us do.

          • Shut up guest, bonniebluesky, tw, &? That was 10 years ago. She is a huge supporter of the SFHS Booster Club. She donates time and money even after her children have graduated. How much time, money and support do you put into our school programs.

            • I have donated plenty and pay taxes if my comment flared up your hemroid then so be it I speak my mind!!! I’m surprised that they let her do anything with the schools if it was another county hell just another school she wouldn’t have nothing to do with anything!! Goes to show how screwed our So Hum school district is and that’s why I choose to take my kids else where. The point is she stole from children in a school district that has always struggled because she was in a hard spot who’s to say she won’t do it again if she gets in a hard spot.

              • so no second chances for you huh? Geez, must be fun to be in your world.. She has absolutely proven she gives more than she ever took, which she gave back. Ask any of her employers what kind of job she does, she’s such a good worker nobody wants her to leave. She gives gives gives. Come on, a little forgiveness here please. It’s been a decade of dedication to kids. The schools see her value and show us the way to forgive. I hope you can get there……for you.

              • Guest , trolls aren’t welcome . People can make mistakes that are outside of their true character and learn from them . The person you are coming down on does more for thye school and people in general than you for sure . Go back to your couch of safety if you can make it without spewing more of your shit stained soul all over the place . Scrape your ego out of the heroin spoon and go eat at the free food trough where you belong. The chimney tree burger is way too good to waste on the slime that lives in your carcass .

                • I’m glad to hear about this! I don’t know the story but I’m glad to see it aired. Good for people to come to her defense and explain it. Many people do bad and embarrassing things but sometimes we bounce back and redeem ourselves. Forgiveness and redemption are good stuff! It’s very important in a long-term community. Now I gotta hit up Chimney Tree for one of those burgers!

  • Just past headed west on Briceland thorn Rd.

  • Probably the people with 10 giant greenhouses!

  • there is another convoy I passed at Ferndale at 845

  • China Creek

  • I know folks who are absolutely NOT going “legit”.they say I’ve been doing this for over 40 years,my way.not hurting anyone or my land.its for me and my sick friends!!!please leave mom and pop alone.i hope it’s the greed growers,please chipper be kind.lol

    • Any grower that skirts taxes and degrades the environment is as you call them “greed growers”,even mom and pop. If ya don’t go legit, fair game I say. Ya can’t make up rules as you go along. They are all fair game.

      • Well then, just go into banking and Congress will reward you with obscene bailouts that can be used for golden parachutes, bonuses and just some good ‘ol fun! I’ve always been law abiding, pay taxes, but I’m getting too old and I understand what’s going on in America. I’ve had about enough.

      • The local cannabis industry is a great ‘free market model’. A Republican and Libertarian’s dream. While the recent ‘Green Rush’ has caused brought in more destructive, greedy yahoos, the business has operated for 40 years, relatively safe and sane, compared to the openness and the multi-millions of dollars at stake each year, etc. So, when you seem to castigate that, “ya can’t make up the rules as you go along”, I suggest you think about the history of a relatively successful business model.
        PS: I am going legit. I intend to do my part to support the fish and the environment. I am though, like the ‘3rd part verifiers’ and the attorneys I know, very uncertain about the possible repercussions by the government upon us who take the courageous stand. One of these questions (about the excess authority the state is assuming) will likely become a more public conversation soon. Stay tuned……

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Going legit does not require paying taxes, except for the big grows who hire people.

        Plus, Growers are not required to be employers when the laborer is his/her own boss/self employed……so, no payroll taxes…..just sayin gubbamint is gonna “under collect”, but sure as hell will attempt through lies and deceit to make employees and employers out of people. If lawncare businesses do not need to be licensed, insured, bonded, etc…when each job is under $500.00 , then neither pot. Since each day is a different task, each day counts as no less than one job and up to several jobs……so many different little jobs when growing weed…..and people are multifacited too, jacks and jackies of many types of jobs…..

        Sales taxes have always been paid by growers.

        Wondering how many people all have different versions of the local flawed pot ordinance……..it sure ain’t an insignificant number.

  • Its Twincreeks Road and a is a total tweaker shit show. They got this one right…

    • The warrants are for properties on china creek, but they stopped on twin creeks, a few miles past Briceland on the way to Shelter Cove, and are hassling some tweakers, collateral damage i suppose.

  • I’ve always wondered if all that resin gums up the chipper blades.

    • Wishful thinking …..

    • The Bulgarians have been causing so much damage and I’ve even heard them setting fires when someone wouldn’t let them grow on their land… But I’ve also heard they’re untouchable in a way, when have you heard of them losing a crop

      • Didn’t you read about the two parcels that were tied together? 3000 plants each. There’s one example

      • From what i have heard most if not all Bulgarian males are military and most likely combat veterans The “law” don’t know or want to meet that in the badlands, all out of shape unskilled and other than when all the boys are bragging among themselves their outie turns to an innie. Poor cops probably deserve 2x retirements for PTSD or something yet unheard of but more taxing on the citizens of these United States.
        You all earth loving enviro freaks think of this… Every moment you breathe, every drop of water you consume, every calorie you ingest it all equates to environmental damage. If you care that much put what you have back in the ground or quietly off to snivel with your like kind

  • I hope they tackle the extreme amount of environmental damage caused by some of these massive grows, shut them down and arrest the people involved. These are our watersheds and we must stop the destruction and poisoning of them!

  • Stickagerbilinyourbutt

    Any idea where they went?

  • Go get ’em LEO, please be safe in the in the field may your machetes be sharp and justice be swift.

  • Can’t wait to hear who’s shit got cut down today…hopefully some people with foreign names XD

  • Where is Twin Peaks Rd?

  • RHBB: Your Humboldt/Mendocino tattle tail system at your service. Helping to save and promote illegal grows in our county.

    • People always say that but they fail to point to even one incident of someone being warned. Let’s look at the facts. There is an estimated 10,000-20,000 people directly involved in marijuana growing. This post went out when law enforcement was headed into the heart of Southern Humboldt by far the biggest area of marijuana growing in Humboldt. Let’s just assume that half of the growers would be affected by law enforcement heading south. What do you think those 5,000 to 10,000 people do? Do they suddenly flee their farms? We’d see a huge influx of traffic on the road. But we don’t. What the heck do you think happens with this post that is so helpful to growers?

      Do growers feel better being informed about what is happening in their industry? Do they feel calmer knowing that a media outlet is paying attention to what law enforcement is doing? Yes. That is the service I provide and KMUD has provided for years. Instead of rumors, people get facts. It’s better for everyone to know what is going on then to make it up.

      • That’s exactly what I pointed out. The RHBB alert system.

      • Well said, well done. Thanks, Kym. af

      • Ur the best Kim! Keep
        Up the good work! It’s news whether haters see it or not.

        • If someone was warning terrorists that Home Land Security was on to them, that would be news too. Doesn’t make it right.

          • Terrorists, really? That term is played out, especially when used so carelessly. Enjoy your last few moments of the prohibition of cannabis, things are about to change, and you will need to learn to do so as well

          • Taking people’s money calling it “taxes” and taking their water when it concerns a spring on my land yet calling it “legal” bc the government demands it doesn’t make it right either. Why should our right to the pursuit of happiness be handicapped because the truly greedy are demanding more from those doing the work to earn it? We don’t grow over the legal limit. We make our own medicines and juice which requires more than we can legally grow but we’re not complaining! Guess what else? The effort to force everyone to register their grows is not law! Sure many anticipate it will be but it is still not yet a law so keep trying to intimidate everyone with your fear tactics and greed for something that is not yours. That isn’t right either, neighbor.

            • Why some try to tie farmers together in category with terrorists shows the desperation for proving a point thought to be a good one. Sure nothing’s perfect but if neighbors in the community begin dividing we are no better than those terrorists. We need to find common ground and the proposals for new laws regarding growing are just a leap to another extreme. Balance lasts. Extreme measures corrupt and eventually will destroy the integrity of medical marijuana growing.

              • FYI, last thing: if the law does pass, all registered growers will have to abide by the guidelines outlined so will lose their freedom of methodology. Growers will instead be expected to feed plants what the government says. I hope everybody voting “yes” is aware of this and other truths involved with the passing of this law.

            • The latest on where the laws stand. But I would just BET that the folks who are going through the process of permitting and inspections are safe from the chipper! http://www.latimes.com/local/political/la-me-pc-gov-brown-on-medical-marijuana-regulations-20151009-story.html

          • If I ever give a name or an address ahead of a raid, feel free to say I’m warning a suspect. Right now though, I’d say it’s a heck of a long stretch to get from “there is law enforcement driving south on Hwy 101” to warning terrorists that Homeland Security was on to them.

            • Don’t listen to them. You provide a community service and cannabis has nothing to do with terrorism. Reefer madness still exists because Conservatism is a congenital mental…!!!

              • The first thing I do in the morning after saying my prayers and reading a chapter in the book of Psalms I open Red Headed Black belt to get my local news, international news is to distant and I cannot do anything about it, On the other hand the local news is prudent and wise to investigate the on goings in our sacred community called Humboldt.
                Kym puts a tremendous amount of labor into what she loves and we the community are better for it.
                I would miss this site if it ever left me to my own devices.

          • Doesn’t make YOU right, either. If a chop is going to happen, its going to happen, whether someone living in the hinterland has internet access or not. Seconds? Minutes? Hours? They’re out of business, and your deepest desires are accommodated.

      • The only warning that would really interfere with a raid would be a 48 hour advance warning that specified the exact location.

        • So the bad guys can get away and start anew? Try dealing with the cartels (Mexican or Bulgarian)! Trust me, you don’t want to. You will lose.

      • Keep it up, Kym. You are in the news business, and these raids are news. As a practical matter, what are the growers going to do? Pull the plants? If they did, law enforcement wouldn’t even have to go out on their raids. They could just line up a bunch of vehicles at the Sheriff’s office and send out a notice that they were going to some neighborhood. A free press is our strongest guard against over reaching by the government.

        • I’m guessing the folks complaining don’t have any idea that law enforcement is headed out with specific search warrants. They are going there and there’s not much a grower can do to prepare even if they knew law enforcement was coming to their property. Like you said, they could pull their plants but then law enforcement wouldn’t have to do anything.

      • They lock up their buildings, gates, etc. and split to a more mellow zone.

        • Maybe…But if so where is the mass exodus of folks fleeing. Now when the convoy actually turns up a specific road and the telephone trees start ringing, then you do see some folks heading out. But not with vague descriptions like Briceland Road.

      • Could you please remove the slanderous post regarding the Chimney Tree?

        • All I see is a comment saying it has good food. Copy and paste it here so I know what to look for.

        • I love the Chimney Tree!

        • It’s not slanderous, it is truth. The amout embezzled totaled right about $32,000. It all got paid back with interest and more. I wouldn’t hand her money at snack shacks, etc for a long time either. But she really has made it right in the last decade. People are still going to judge. Interesting that most people would give an addict friend a second chance, but not this hard working mom and community volunteer.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Still waiting for Bobby Kroeker to verify facts from the mack apartment shooter sheriff homicide thread that was asked since BK was fast fooding it on scene through the night…..

        Thank You Kym Kemp for this statement you wrote,

        “Instead of rumors, people get facts. It’s better for everyone to know what is going on then to make it up.”

        This goes to the heart of our “alleged rape” headline discussion which was so concerning.

      • Keep up the good work! This is the only news source that I read. Thank you!

  • Well Im glad that they are being more efficient. Cleaning out extra grows instead of spending all day driving past huge grows to process one smaller scene! But I don’t see anything out that way that is especially big. Perhaps somebody blew it up huge since last GoogleMaps satellite picture? Or they are eradicating that spot for different reasons- numerous complaints, tied to something else despicable or personal grudge of sheriff department/politicos? Again the question is- why this place and not another? Why not a huge blatant grow like you see all around Willow Creek? Or why not Bulgarians? Why do they say they have limited resources and then choose to eradicate not the biggest or dirtiest run by greenrush invaders? It’s our tax money being spent and I think these are valid questions.

    • Google maps image is 3 years old …. Lots more hoops put up since then .

    • You know the answer, if you’ve been watching the way they do raids for years. The person that gets raided is over something they have done in front of the wrong person , the person that doesn’t get raided is because who they know or because they lay low, like it or not even leo’s get jealous, and nothing good comes from jealousy

  • I guess today it will be called China Wood Chipper Creek.

  • They are chipping everything at the 1st house on twin creek road right now. Has anyone seen them on China creek?

  • I hope for everyone’s sake that going “legit ” will be what everyone wants and it turns out great in the end!I see the only ones making money will be the government!!I’ll take they shit for that,but their only looking out for them!!! I SAY GOOD LUCK ALL

  • Has anyone thought about the housing and sociological implications of the shut down of hippie hill, the bushnell (possible) clear out and other evictions? What will this mean? 500 already skinny Spaniards will have to walk further to sleep till they maybe get lucky and a green rusher brings them up the hill?
    (Sometimes what we do turns out worse than what we thought would happen.)

    • If they keep walking far enough they’ll end up back in Spain.

    • @mingo – are you kidding me? only people upset about the shutdown of ‘hippie hill’ are the people that were living there. pretty sure I speak for 99% of sohum locals when I say any bum encampment shutdowns are welcomed with open arms.

  • Cannabis comes from god’s creation, not man, chemical drugs and alcohol are the real mess in this world

    • Fermentation is a natural process too. It is people’s use or misuse of a substance that creates problems in their lives. Ecstasy is a “chemical drug’, but has real therapeutic value if used properly.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Farting is fermentation too.

        It is peoples use or misuse of a fart that creates problems in their lives.

        LSD Acid is a “chemical drug”, but has real therapeutic values if used properly.

        • Actually, it is based on the mold ergot, which contains lysergic acid and is a precursor to lysergic acid diethylamide. Wow. Pulled that from 45 years of memory. Quit that shit on June 16, 1972 after a little too much fun with Red Berkeley. Believe me when I say tripping in a log cabin with a table made out of topo maps and a big bowl of Dinty Moore is a bad idea.

  • I second the statement made by Saucy. All camps on private property should be shut down thus driving them onto state land, then something would finally be done…

  • Looks like foreign names on the booked list

  • What about Mendocino County? Are they just done down there? Where is the Mendocino County Sheriff with HIS chipper?!

  • Chipping?! Isn’t there a less overtime pay way to ruin the seized crop than chipping? (And risking deputies getting high from fumes?! aseven gloved trimmers do) Maybe they should spread the plants out and drive the vehicles back and forth on top of the crop. Or spread something biodegradable but stanky on the plants? And why do they have to return home each night involving, yes overtime, something like 4 hours extra in driving time as I believe I have read. Suggestion: Take one of those overtime hours and book a night at a Gville motel, saving several hours each day for actual in the field work, boosting the local economy, scaring the hotel’s indwelling tweaker population, and making HCSO proud to be setting an example of efficiency! 😉

  • I found your site by “accident”. However, it peaked my interest due to the fact, I have suffered from fibromyalgia for 26 years and have tried every pharmaceutical drug there is nearly, with no relief! I have prayed and prayed for relief and I always am led to marijuana being the answer. However, I live in North Carolina, where it is not legal. A couple of things really bother me about some comments, not all conservatives are against a God Created medication! I think it is ridiculous that the government wants to tax what God created! I think Big Pharma is the real crooks! Whom, Hillary supports vehemently! Liberals are just as ademendt about not allowing all states the right to use cannabis as medicine because as I see here it is a problem for the government to get their hands on the money being made! I’d rather see my money go to the farmers who have worked their butts off than to have it go to the government and Big Pharma who is putting toxins in our bodies through all these man-made meds. What can someone like myself do to see cannabis made legal in all states? This is from a Grandma just wanting relief of pain to enjoy her life with her 7 grandchildren. Also, I have read about capsule forms, and cooking it in food, juicing it. What is the best way to take it for pain relief. I just gained 130 lbs. in a year and a half from a medicine the dr. Put me on and I hardly eat because of no appetite. I’m lucky if I can eat one meal a day. This coming from a past juicing vegetarian. To now someone who can’t get out of a chair to cook a meal. Please help!!!

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