Mountain Lion and Cub Sighted Near Scotia


Mountain lion by Art G. (originally posted to Flickr as Those Eyes) via Wiki Commons.

At 2:25 p.m. on Thursday, a local resident spotted an adult mountain lion and a cub near Fireman’s Park in Scotia. She saw them jump off the railroad tracks behind her house and head towards the river.

The resident told us that there has been “an increase in visitors, joggers, walkers, and atv riders there now that we haven’t seen the mountain lions in a long time here.” She wanted to make sure that everyone was alerted to the new sighting.

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  • Man they are such beautiful amazing animals. I hope we aren’t taking up too much of their territory up! If reincarnation is true I’d love to come back as a big cat:)

  • Must be a slow news day:)

  • Mountain Lion Lady

    This was taken about a week ago at my next door neighbor’s place. We had the thee pack at out place last year.

    • Not enough info. Out of curiosity and love of cats, what general area?

    • Mountain Lion Lady

      We border a big ranch and state land. These and bobcats and bears are common sightings. Never have had a dangerous issue and I’ve been living here since 1979. I feel so lucky to be able to see such wonderful wildlife right out the front door.

      This photo was taken almost the same day in the same place.

    • I have GOT to get one of those cameras! “My” Mountain Lion, and /or her family have lived here for as long as I have (48 years) and she waters in my Koi pond during hot spells. She “chirps” well in advance of approaching the house, we go inside and watch her from the window. Just too beautiful to describe.
      BTW, I’ve raised all sorts of livestock and poultry in those years and have never had a problem with her. (Of course, my critters all sleep in secure sheds at night.) The F&W folks told me she needs a deer a week to maintain her weight year around, so I don’t allow hunting, and when the kids were young they were required to bring their whistles when exploring the Great Outdoors.
      So cool! af

    • Wow! That’s a terrific photo, thanks for putting it up. They ever cause you problems?

  • I always wanted to have a pet mountain lion here kitty kitty .

  • She’s with her baby,watch out!!

  • Omg! Better get the state trappers out there right away and save humanity by dispatching them. If it saves one life…..

  • Scary because a lot of kids play by themselves in that area.

  • It’s a good idea to report sightings of lions. They can and have attacked humans and pets.

    • It’s a good idea to report sightings of humans as they can and have attacked humans and pets on a much more frequent basis then mountain lions.

    • Been living with a family of cats on my land for years. FAR more worried about humans and their murderous tendencies. People have killed big cats almost to the point of extinction, and still we hunt them and crowd them out. The cats live here. Its their home and has been FAR longer than any humans have been here. If you leave them alone they will leave you alone. Simple, yes?

  • After over 40 years on my property in Salmon Creek we had a game camera capture images of mountain lions on my driveway! 4 of them!! Never had seen them before, never worried. Have walked the land at night countless times with and without a flashlight. So, I can only conclude that they don’t really want to encounter humans either! What beautiful, strong animals!! Happy to know we are co-existing so well.

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