Dog Missing After Car Wreck

When a driver got into an accident on Sunday near McKinleyville, her traumatized dog escaped the vehicle and ran off. When last seen, the dog was wearing the purple collar and harness shown in the photo to the left.

If you have any information, please call (562) 326-6001.



  • Kym you are so awesome of reporting animal lost . Hope she is found safe and sound.

  • this handsome critter will be home in no time and be telling big stories of his adventures to his ma.
    so many critter loves here. ”
    it’s a good thing.”

    has there been any word at all ever about the lab that was lost when his people needed helicopter rescue at the mouth of the eel? i live there an wonder about him all the time.

    • As to the river rescuees dog, I think the ambulance crew took him and found a place for him to stay until he could be claimed by a friend or relative.

  • I never heard anything more.

  • Let’s all share this post. If someone is better than me on the computer it should go to next door neighbor in all areas. The people on there really pull for dogs. My prayers are with the darling dog. Praying for safe return

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