Man Taken to Hospital After Assault in Eureka; Two Arrested


Eureka Police captured a suspect in an assault today. [All photos by Bobby Kroeker]

Two men were arrested near the intersection of West Hawthorne and Spring Street in Eureka about 5:15 p.m. after an altercation with a third man.

Reportedly one of the men was striking the victim with a stick. According to a witness, the altercation was interrupted by what a witness described as a retired law enforcement officer driving up. The two men fled. Two suspects who matched the description of the perpetrators were later found and taken into custody by Eureka Police officers. (See photos above and below.)

The injured victim was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

We’re trying to gather more information but have been unable to contact Eureka Police at this time.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Hay you can’t just pop someone who need it with out enemy repercussions! Sucks.

  • If people think they should have the right to play judge jurry and executioner by attacking other people they feel need it. Then society should be allowed to just execute people we feel are a danger to public safety. Both ideas bring thoughts Hitler’s obscene injustice.

  • That cop in the first picture looks really happy. And it shouldn’t be illegal to open a can of whoop a** every now and then. Some people need a good whoopin once and awhile to be put in check. And then some people need a real beat down. Our justice system ain’t dishing out justice the way it should.
    Or should we be like grizzly man and just stand there and say bad bear, baadd beaarr. That didn’t work out too well for him and friend.

  • You can’t lay hands on someone.i for one am very sick of the crime going on IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.Id like to see more of these punks arrested.good I said a couple days ago,Open up that can of whoop ass!!!!!!

  • Just guessing, but retribution over a small amount of $’s, and or disrespect never pays off. A REP. CAN HAUNT YOU A LONG TIME.

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