[UPDATE 9:44 p.m.] Six Vehicle Accident North of Eureka Slough Bridge

The California Patrol Incident page reports that six vehicles were involved in a traffic accident about 10 minutes to 5 this evening. The multiple collisions occurred just north of the Eureka Slough bridge on Hwy 101 southbound. The roadway is clear as of 5:15 p.m.

UPDATE 9:44 p.m.: Photo from reader Laura Chin.12391866_10208137018934068_7724045358374750400_n



  • It seems everyone at this location wants to be the first to the bridge. Slow down, we’re all headed in the same direction.

  • When I came through at 5:45 pm traffic was backed up from the stoplight to the bridge this evening. Until you are over the curve of the bridge, you cannot see the stopped cars. As you come over the curve of the bridge at freeway speed, you are suddenly RIGHT ON the stopped traffic where you would not expect it to be. Tonight I came over the bridge, just starting to slow down and boom! Traffic was stopped right before the bridge. I barely stopped in time, everything loose in my car crashing forward. People coming into town just behind me were not so lucky. This is a bad spot, people driving sanely and respectfully can get a heck of a surprise here.

  • I sure am glad you have eyes and ears everywhere, just watched the news, there was nothing about this on there Thank you Kym–You “Rock”

  • Thank you for the map too!

  • What’s at the end of the “safety corridor”? ” THE DANGER ZONE ” AKA. EUREKA!

  • If these incidents continue, before long. We’re going to have a situation!

  • You know if a cop was “smart”he’d wait at that bridge for the speed racers..ha just sayin

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