It’s Snowy (and Icy) Out There, People!

Brrrr! It’s chilly, isn’t it? Well, whether or not you agree, things are frozen.

The National Weather Service says snow levels dropped to about 2000 feet on Sunday:

Plus, a reader sent us the following photos from Highway 36. She warns of icy roads.

Needless to say, now would probably be a good time of year to drive a little bit more cautiously than usual.

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  • Laytonville Rock


  • No argument from me! It’s not icy down here on the coast just now, but it’s wet, wet, wet and VERY cold. I’m used to carrying around my own private summer and don’t seem to be able to find it anywhere today.

  • Easy ! slow put it in four wheel low range if you got it, do not lock up the tires, slowly crawl through the black ice no brakes.
    The Wonderland is so beautiful !

  • Nice photos.thanks!careful everyone

  • Really nice photo as if we are there or at least I have been there.
    Going down off some of the mountains really can be terrifying. Some turns are all banked the wrong way completely . So low and use the transmission to slow. Please don’t lock tires with brakes which could slide you right off the road.

  • Be careful using low gear ranges also, your engines compression can act as a brake also. So if your wheels begin to slip under compression choose a higher gear while remaining off the breaks.

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