Valuable Map Tool for Looking at the Fires

Want to get a close look at the fires? Here’s the best that we’ve found for getting an idea of the locations of the fires. Daniel C. Barton, PhD, who is an Assistant Professor of Quantitative Population Ecology at Humboldt State University sent us the following information,

There’s a valuable resource available, GeoMAC, from the U.S. Geological Survey for wildland fire support that includes satellite data, detailed topo map baselayers, and current fire perimeters (if mapped… most of these aren’t yet). The viewer requires a little bit of tweaking to provide you with useful data: you’ll need to 1) navigate to then 2) zoom in to our region then 3) add the MODIS thermal data layer using the tool on the left. That’ll yield an image that looks like this the image posted below.


The GeoMAC Data Layer button provides a dropdown which allows different sets of information to be accessed.

Note that the MODIS thermal data is *satellite* data. It does not indicate exact areas burned, just pixels (and thus places) that appear hot to a satellite. Don’t make life or limb or property decisions based on this stuff, it’s a tool that is no substitute for on-the-ground safe observations by pro firefighters.

UPDATE 11:51 a.m.: In addition, there is a map giving information about wildfires across the nation here. For the most accurate information, look at both maps.  Here’s another that some people prefer. Click here.



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