The Times Standard Pee–ks at the Porta Potty Issue

Reporters and bloggers can’t resist punning about the otherwise serious issue of providing public toilets in Garberville.  Like a bunch of young kids we snicker and throw out amusing word plays but the situation has to be dealt with.  And Thaddeus Green’s piece in the Times Standard offers another look at the issue.

(Still, his first line is worth a snicker, too.)


Photo by Kathy Epling



  • I would agree with Encimer when he stated: those populations (homeless) are coming, as they come every summer, and there’s no use trying to stop them. He said efforts would be better placed giving them some basic services and a place to hang out, with the hope that it keeps them from loitering in front of businesses.

  • It is ok with me if the Garberville Merchants think there is a problem.

    It is not ok if their solution involves cruelty.

    It is cruel to deprive our fellow human beings of the ability to piss or poop with some dignity. Lack of facilities creates conflict. Portapotties are a reasonable and thrifty solution to this social problem.

    A portapotty need not sit out in the middle of the park. Enlightened municipalities tuck them down back alleys, on old railroad rigth of ways and in back lots away from residences.

    have a peaceful day,

  • I guess its time for some private person to step up and put a potty in their yard,,,seems like no one could bitch about that if it was paid for,,,not county, not vets, no one group,,,someone with a big enough yard to put it in,,,,seems like enough support from out of towner s,,,,lets see if anyone in town picks up on the idea,,,,,,

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