Supervisor Hopefuls Want Us Thinking About These Things Before Voting

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week, each candidate contesting a Humboldt County Supervisor seat chatted with the program about one word they want us thinking about before voting and why they chose that word.

Second District

Estelle Fennell (incumbent): Estelle.

Rick French: Water.

Michael McKaskle: Vision.

Sean DeVries: Empower.

Michelle Bushnell: Transformation.

First District

Rex Bohn (incumbent): Loveboldt.

Cliff Berkowitz: Progressive.

The story begins at 8:48 as the candidates expand on their word choices. Also, check out further coverage on the first and second districts via NCJ.

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Episode 163 description: Humboldt County Supervisor hopefuls give us quick thoughts before we vote in the first and second districts, things improve for our coronavirus case, the zoo talks about their one of a kind redwood canopy walk coming soon, we talk girl scout cookies, a powdery booking photo, crime, a call to donate to Food For People, a PG&E PSPS update, and more.

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  • Gotta love these [edit] pandering to the dope growers. They seem to forget the negative that dopers bring. Probably because most of the candidates are dopers themselves. If dopers paid their fair share Humboldt wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in right now.

    • At this point in time I do believe all the “legal” growers are paying more than their fair share, except income tax obviously, so my question is how long can you keep blaming government woes on people when the people are paying the taxes? It’s been what 2 years already? Have you seen any improvement with the new revenue? How is it not the governments fault at this point? Who’s left to blame? It’s usually the poor people’s fault next. Never mismanagement of funds.

      • WELL Said!!!!

      • Can’t argue with that

      • Wow, two whole years to undo how many decades of damages?

        • One decade, the Greenrush decade. The one that caused the most damage to Humboldt. Hyper inflated real estate that is now leveling to normal. Hyper fake economy based on obscene unfettered black market. If you owned a retail store of any kind you made bank. The party is over. The Greenrush assholes influenced a lot of locals to leave, now they’re not here supporting the economy. The Greenrushers have left to Greener pastures taking their money with them, leaving a void that some think should be filled somehow with more fake economy.
          Hopefully the environment and waterways can recover from the Sheriff Depts sanctioning of wholesale destruction.
          What a shit show, I still can’t reckon it in my mind.

    • Clue offered to grab

      Just stop with the rhetoric.
      Without pot our economy would have tanked long ago.
      Maybe you’ve met some a-hole growers, there are some for sure just like there are asshole priests that abuse kids. Bad people hide everywhere.
      The pot growing scene i learned in taught me that you donate money to schools&nonprofits, you give your time and energy volunteering and you work to have the lowest enviro impact possible while growing food along with your cash crop. Most folks i knew grew pot to pay their property costs&taxes as an alternate to working 9-5 grind. It gave more time with the kids, for family and community. Other folks it gave them a way to do lots of volunteer wirk and still get by. There are a lot of volunteer gigs that ideally would pay but dont. People used to grow 5-10 plants and a lot would still like to do just that. To be legal your land has to be over 5 acres. The big grow scenes uou see now ARE the legal ones. So stop blaming growers for the county&state fuckups, they created this mess on every level.
      And if you think pot growers dont work hard youre so mistaken. Its a shit ton of work.

      And ya know it would be great if the impacts on our waterways could be fixed by regulating growers. It would ve fixable.
      I can take anyone wjo wants to see ti the PL timber cut from back in the 90’s by Redway thats STILLdumping silt into the Eel!
      Drive out the 299 you can see where they literally scraped a mountain siide clean, cut into dirt etc. Thats legal??
      If you talk to am actual scientist ir read one of the many researvh papers about the Eel youll learn that the silt is the big issue in the Eel. You could see it at cooks valley after that big winter a few years ago where the river cut a new channel&left a ten foot or more burm if silt. Last they measured they had gone down 45 feet thru silt&still didnt hit bottim. Nitrogen influx from growers yes some idiots let run off happen. But that’s nothing compared to the nitrogen put into the river by clearcuts. Thats topsoil that in some places has been building nitrogen for thousands of years. After a clearcut the entire forest topsoil washes off into the rivers.

      So if you truly care about the environment then look at the impacts of all resource based companies not just one, thats ludicrous.
      My bet is you dont really care y’all just want to hate on growers.
      Your ignorance will be all of our downfalls. Just for am hour a day take the time to look up info from accredited groups instead of just latching on to the same tired rhetoric.

      • Best post I’ve seen in quite a while. I agree with everything except thectypos, and I got past them pretty easily💖

  • Sweep the place clean!

  • Billy Casomorphin

    Punch it up, Myles! Your show is boring, kinda silly, has too many plugs for sponsors, and, it’s very wordy. Loquacious, even… I find myself nodding off, and, you talk too fast, like most Millennials… Whats your hurry? Too much boring news?

    Myles, your broadcast is annoying, not too relevant, and, kinda disrespectful of the listeners.

    Anyway, I’m done with you. I especially don’t like it when the woman is in the background going, “Yeah”, “that’s right”, or whatever else she ejaculates. Adds nothing, and, it’s aggravating…

    Dope farmers ruined Humboldt, introduced the massive mess of the “Drug Culture”. Now, the dope farmers are choking on and chafing against laws and regulations, and, they fuss constantly about the “supervisors”, who have utterly failed to produce an environment conducive to cultivation of cannabis with the focus on economic survival of the citizens.

    The current batch of “candidates” illustrate how unprepared, how utterly unschooled, and how completely lost the ignorant hicks actually are.

    Rex is a clown, Estelle is a self enriching phony, and Cliff, well, he’s something other than a credible challenger. The also-rans from SoHum are a panoply of idiots, not electable, and pretty incoherent and insensate.

    I shudder to think about the near-future in Humboldt, since there was a pretty good chance to take out a couple of Supervisorial seats, but the citizens failed to produce reasonable candidates of quality, so, now, you will have years more of the same old crap.

    Go after Virginia Bass, ASAP, and the Guy from Blue Lakes. They will be easier targets, and maybe, just maybe, a decent candidate exists…

    Meanwhile, Myles, you are no journalist, no real benefit, and no help at all for this election.

  • Yeah sure.

    Seems like you can’t grow anything.

    You bash growers left and right and offer nothing to substitute economic growth.

    Humboldt is an amazing place full of nature and beauty

    What minimum wage jobs do you suggest we try to attract to our region?

    Why hate on cannabis farmers?

    I help keep my grandmother alive and well until age 98 by giving her cannabis extracts for the last 8 years of her life.

    How much do you pay Humboldt County in taxes?

    I homestead in the mountains cost anywhere from $250k – up to several million and they pay taxes on property value.

    Do you pay property taxes?

    If they are small outdoor grow then they are paying $10k per year towards Humbodlt County.

    Again what are you contributing to Humboldt Counties general tax fund?

    Seriously should we all hope 300 in and out burgers open up here?
    They are paying $15 an hour.

    Humboldt needs every cannabis job available or we will watch the rest of California cash in on the billion dollar industry that should be centered around our community

  • Your Delusional. The real world does not operate in this manner. No interest in working for a Cannabis grower. No financial stability!

    This county is going in the wrong direction. It is really apparent when those who have family roots here do not even want to get out of their cars when they stop in Garberville.

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