[UPDATE 10:51 a.m.]Explosion and Fire in Multiple Structures Near Swain’s Flat

One structure spewing smoke and flames. [All photos by Matthew Waxler]

Multiple emergency vehicles are responding to an explosion and fire in multiple structures in the Swain’s Flat area in the 2000 block of Hwy 36, according to the scanner. Dispatch is calling for mutual aid from various fire departments in the area.

According to Matthew Waxler, a local on the scene as of 10:19 a.m., no fire crews have arrived on scene at this time.

UPDATE 10:30 a.m.: “One small shed on the ground,” reports the first on the scene. And one larger shed is also on fire.

UPDATE 10:51 a.m.: An ambulance has been requested. It is needed for a patient.

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  • WOW!!! That isn’t far from where I live!!! Hoping it doesn’t spread to all the trees arond my particular part of Swain’s Flat!!! From what I can tell from the pictures it looks to be up by the Swain’s Flat Outpost!!!

    • Looking up the road from my front p[orch it is at the store (Swain’s Flat Outpost) or across the hiway!!! Going to walk up ther to see what exactly is going on but not so close as to interfere with firefighters!!!

      • Everyone is allotted a certain number of exclamation points in their life. I’m worried you might run out early, and then where will you be? What if you need one (or three) at the very end, at your last gasp (!!!), but you’re all out? I’d offer some of mine (I have extra) (you see, what I’m low on is parentheses), but we aren’t allowed to share. Good luck!

    • Directly across the street from the store

  • I thought it looked like it might be across 36 from the store.

  • What’s really shocking is there is a grow on that property!

    Who’d a thunk it?

  • Hashlab.

    • An excellent possibility, especially since it’s an out bulding that blew up & caught fire!!! You can see it up close & personal from the hiway!!! I would recommend just pulling over in the turnout right by it instead of blocking traffic while rubbernecking!!!

    • A Concerned Citizen

      Turns out it was a propane tank that exploded, no hashlab involved.

    • Not a hashlab. The headline is making people jump to conclusions. “Explosion and fire” makes people think the explosion came 1st and caused the fire when in fact it was the opposite. I pulled into the swains flat outpost as the fire fighters were finishing putting out the fire. At least 10 eye witness told me the explosion happen after the fire had been discovered and had been burning for awhile. Please don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions when you have barely any facts

  • Ya think?

  • Wonder what they were cookin? Hmmmmmmmm…… ??? One way to thin out the crowd, let them do it to themselves? 😉

  • 10000% not a hash lab

  • I’m sure this is a dumb question but I have to ask: Is there a way to make hash without risking explosions?

  • Whose turn to cook this morning?

  • Just anotherup in smoke

  • Guess what meth labs blow up too. Heres hoping its just a hash lab, those chemicals used to cook meth are extremely toxic and dangerous to inhale. Thats one reason the cops dont bust labs anymore. It requires serious hazmat team.
    Meth cookers are also getting away with it as the focus has been on pot (and cocaine) where the cops can at least seize stuff to auction off&make some $.

    • Due to chemical precursor restrictions not many meth labs left in nor cal, 90% comes from superlabs in Mexico these days…

  • Have you ever stop to think that just because there is a explosion doesn’t mean it’s a hash lab? There’s a lot of other things that are under pressure that can explode in the fire

  • It is not a hash lab. It’s my neighbor. It was mostly hunting gear. The garage was just rewired and that’s probably what caused it… But being Humboldt Co., I understand why that would be the first thought.

  • Just spray the butane in a bag and breathe deep, super good for you!

  • Is it he place with all the greenhouses? If so, he’s just screwed himself out of getting cannabis permits.

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