Followup (Horrifying) Photos to Wednesday’s ‘Motorhome’ Fire in Rancho


Before the fire……

Perhaps the most striking part of the images from the Rancho Sequoia fire on Wednesday is the before image above. Yes, this is before the fire. The mangled vehicle looks like a giant stomped on it and the trailer slumps sideways with its guts spilling onto the roadside.


The aftermath…

Nonetheless, the photos showing the burn site aren’t pretty. The fire consumed the trailer and left the car’s metal carcass crushed beside the road.


The car…

A resident, local attorney Ed Denson, claims the fire interrupted phone service for Verizon customers in the area. In the photos below, phone company equipment appears damaged. As of last night, the service was back to normal though.

MH Phone

Verizon phone lines impacted by the fire.


Two cones mark the location of a utility pole.

What happens next? Does the burned out hulk remain beside the road or do taxpayers pay to have the blackened remains scrapped up and hauled to the dump?

All photos provided by Ed Denson.

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    Someone got mad looking at it, calling the county to pick it up, etc?

    Wonder if the sacrificial garden will be ok this year?

  • the remains of a burned trailer on the shelter cove road continue to be a eye sore

  • It’s not a motorhome!

  • Horrifying? That’s sorta “Huff Post drama” for a burnt trailer. If lives were at risk then horrifying would work.

  • long time rancho resident

    it was “horrifying” when you consider that the entire north side of pratt mountain could have burned down if the fire dept hadn’t been so quick to respond. it’s time for the police to take some action against the dangerous element that has taken over our subdivision. it seems all of the various authorities who should be in rancho sequoia (i.e. sheriff, fish and game, water quality control, etc) checking out the many violations are frightened to tackle this neighborhood. what does that say about the state of affairs in southern humboldt???

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