Why is Your Pot Not Organic?

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6G4NWVb8kE&feature=player_embedded]   Think you’re smoking organic pot?  Well, you’re not.  Oh sure, it might be pesticide and chemical free but it’s not organic.  And it’s not the grower’s fault.  It’s the feds.  Read my latest article in High Times Medical and learn all the ways some folks are trying to help you get clean, green marijuana and the Feds are

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Salmon Creek Man, Josh Sinoway, Inspiration for Large Donation of Books to Humboldt Co. Library

Over 50 books on mental illness– many of them for children– have been donated to the Humboldt County library in memory of former Salmon Creek resident and son of Ron and Molly Sinoway, Josh. Josh Sinoway, who was known for his wit and passion as well as  his pain, overdosed accidentally in the summer of 2008.  Funds that were donated

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Over 20 Wineries in Humboldt County?

  To my surprise, Humboldt has over twenty wineries.  They are marked on the map with red circles.  (To read descriptions of each numbered site, go here to a pdf file.) In fact, there is actually a wine association here.  And, they are having a big event at HSU on Saturday, March 19th from  3-5:30″an afternoon of classes, lectures, and

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