Bearly Light Enough

Bear in Tree Like a totem pole, my neighbor’s tree offered a stack of bears one morning this week–two cubs near the top, one right on top of the other and a third, possibly older sibling, down lower. The two little ones were beyond the reach of my camera in the twilight of a fall dawn on the north side

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A New HSU Institute Explores Cannabis

A bag of dried cannabis ready for storage and manicuring at a later date A few faculty at Humboldt State University set about creating a “national center for interdisciplinary research on marijuana”  in spring of 2011.  As harvest 2012 dries in barns and backrooms across the Emerald Triangle, this fledgeling organization begins to spread its wings and see what kind

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Sheriff’s Raids and Rising Hostility

Deputies and inmates remove items during a sweep of southern Humboldt homeless encampments (Photo courtesy of Cynthia Elkins of KMUD News) Southern Humboldt today, Tuesday, October 12, experienced a series of raids in homeless camps throughout the area.  Sheriff’s deputies along with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and seven inmates removed items from the encampments. County Roads provided assistance.  No

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