Free National Parks Day

  June 21st, the first day of summer, is also Free National Park Day. Get into any National Park without paying a fee.  “In addition to the first day of summer, National Parks will also be fee free on September 24 (Public Lands Day) and from November 11 – 13 (Veterans Day weekend) this year.”

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Funnel Cloud (Tornado?) Touches Down Just Off San Francisco

[youtube=]   According to the person, known as Neorick who posted this on YouTube,”This video was taken this morning 03/18/11 9:24 am. I was looking outside my window. There was a very dark cloud and there it was.”  Then he added, “A Small Funnel was developing and touched down at ocean beach. Thank goodness it hit the water instead of

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Road through Whitmore Grove Closed

UPDATE: Estelle Fennel commented on my Facebook page, “Road now open to one-way controlled traffic. Will be like that for a long time. Factor big delays into your town trip!” Photo of Whitmore Grove road.  Humboldt Co. Public Works Dept. Road Maintenance Division stated around 1 pm that a large redwood tree went down at Whitmore Grove and the road

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