Humboldt Grower's Association on Al Jazeera

[youtube=] Al Jazeera recently came to Humboldt and interviewed local law enforcement officer, Cyrus Silva.  They asked “What would it take to eradicate cannabis from Humboldt County?”  “An act of God,” Silva replied. Knowing that the drug war has failed, people around the world are ready to explore legalization as an option for dealing with the normal human need for

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This Week with CAMP

News Release: The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, assisted byCampaign Against Marijuana Planting (C.A.M.P.), United StatesForest Service and Bureau of Land Management [ BLM ] personnel has continued conducting marijuana eradication in Humboldt County during August 9-13, 2010. The primary focus of the eradication efforts has been large illegal outdoor open field marijuana grows on public lands and timber company property.

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It's a Draw: Coloring Books

Remember playing cowboys with the Johnny West figurines.  Local artist Mykol Blackwell has (along with a partner) just released a tribute to the them—a coloring book of those old characters.  Mykol has also been working on some realistic buildings for the action figures.  These are the kind of toys that make you want to get down on the rug and

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