WordPress Problems?

Several bloggers have complained about problems at WordPress today. The Humboldt Mirror noted, “[We are] peeved that the main WordPress site has been down all morning. Where is our beautiful Humbug avatar? Whisked away into the black hole of the Internets, that’s where.” “We’ve probably amassed something like two hits in the past day–and can we see them? We cannot.

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A Dirty Story: Two Police cars on a busy Monday Night in a One Horse Town

  Authority scares me. Living in Southern Humboldt this is a problem. Here, average citizens come in contact with Police officers more frequently than other places. For instance, most teachers have never had police copters land in the school yard, I have. Like most Progressives, I feel people with authority tend to abuse it and the pattern of abuse scares

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A Portrait of an Artist

Painting mounted against a Timber Frame Building Based on Botticelli’s Fortitude Artists add color to our tiny rural community. They do so in a myriad of ways that don’t fit into established ideas of great art and “true culture.” For instance, my husband’s stepfather, Mike Robinson, immerses himself in painting reproductions of works deemed “great art.” Sometimes, I’ve heard people

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