Speaking the Cards

Light from the candle licked the gray planes of her face as she stared up at me. From behind my chair, out of the crouching intent group , a boy whispered, “Not the Tower.” My breath quickened. Carefully, I laid the card down. The bodies falling from the tall building made despair a reality. Lightning striking the roof in the

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The Lusty Lady

Although tales of hollow voices where no one walks and cold fingers trailing up the spine when no one is behind you send goose bumps racing, not all ghosts are scary. Some apparently have another purpose.   In the small hamlet of Phillipsville, just up the road from the old Sawblade Tavern and down the road from the Deer Horn

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Eerie Exit

Salmon Cr. Exit at Night As a society we have a fascination with the ghostly world. The idea that something lurks outside of Real makes the hair stand up on our neck and bumps crawl across the flesh of our upper arms. Even those of us who don’t ‘really’ believe seem fascinated by the possibility. But when we experience first

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