Turkeys in the Fog

In large gobbling flocks, wild turkeys strut unconcerned through the hills of Humboldt. Some of them taunt our dog by gawking at her from the ridges on either side of the house. They know no fear. Like the counter culture hippies who moved here in the early seventies, the birds are not native to Northern California. Turkeys, like the white

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Run, Blog, Run

  I couldn’t resist trying this out. If only I was as erudite as BBC News, then you would all be reading at a Genius level. However, my readers are as smart as those of Fox News Online. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the intricate writing and large vocabulary here. However, CNN News Online only has a readability level

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  Easing down from the hills into the flat flood plains of the Eel River doesn’t mean leaving country courtesy behind. The Avenue of the Giants winds through almost frighteningly large Redwood trees but the people of the river valley welcome visitors like they were next door neighbors. Even in November, a produce stand in the miniscule town of Pepperwood

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