Patients Push Back–Mendocino Marijuana Meeting

MEDICAL CANNABIS CALENDAR Alert! — “Patients Push Back” Medical Marijuana Community Strategy Meeting Sat July 17 2010 1-6pm Saturday Afternoon Club 107 South Oak, Ukiah Joy Greenfield–1st Approved Applicant in Sheriff’s Zip Tie Program Raided by DEA Tells Her Story. Sheriff Urged to Respond to Community Meeting. Also: Plaintiffs from Nuisance Ordinance Lawsuits; Asset Forfeiture; Sheriff’s Gardensite Guidelines; Collectives as Legal

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707 Cannabis College

I’ve been advocating for Humboldt to provide marijuana experiences here to draw in people from outside the area and capitalize on the fame of our name in 420 circles.  707 Cannabis College is one of the newest and most exciting businesses to do that. The organizers, Kellie Dodds and Pearl Moon, plan on a curriculum that teaches not only how

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Marijuana Prices will Plummet by as Much as 80% Says Rand Corporation

If legalized in California, marijuana “prices will fall to levels below those ever studied,” says the Rand Corporation, a well respected think tank. The organization, which describes itself as trying to  “improve policy and decision making through research and analysis,”  released a paper today describing a nightmare world for Humboldt County in which prices fall by as much as 80%.

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