Put that in Your Pipe and Smoke It: Insecticides and Banned Chemicals Found in Dispensary Pot

The recent crackdown on marijuana dispensaries in LA has activists howling.  But after hearing about the amounts of insecticides found on some of the confiscated weed, patients should be howling for the blood of some of those pot shop owners.  The medicine that people need for illnesses that range from Aids to Cancer to Multiple Sclerosis can be laced with

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Show your Support for Humboldt Growers–HuGG One Today

Worried about marijuana legalization? How is the changing economic climate going to harm Humboldt, the whole North Coast, and growers in general? A new Humboldt Growers Guild is seeking members.  They want to work with the legalization groups such as the Marijuana Policy Project to create laws supporting small farmers.  They have a new blog. Here is a post from

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