Discover Humboldt: Fernbridge

Dock of Humboldt Axe explores the Fernbridge in the Discover Humboldt video above.

Fernbridge is the probably one of the most well-known bridges in Humboldt County. Join Dock of Humboldt Axe as he tours it in his latest YouTube video. Located 14 miles south of Eureka, this historic bridge, built in 1911, spans 1,320 feet and is known as the longest poured concrete bridge in the world. Dock  points out the bridge’s resilience to earthquakes and floods and how important it is in connecting Ferndale to the rest of Humboldt County.

Dock also visits the old Northwestern Pacific Railroad train depot near Fernbridge. The piece is rich in the history of the redwood logging industry’s peak.

In Dock’s opinion, “No matter where you go in Humboldt, there’s history all around you, and they try to preserve it while keeping it functional.”

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tru matters
tru matters
1 month ago

Time to retire the grand old lady.

Ernie Branscomb
Ernie Branscomb
1 month ago

I was blocked earlier. Now it works. Yay!

I’ve often wondered how they allowed for expansion/contraction in a solid pour concrete bridge.

The bridge put old man Dungan out of business. I wonder if he got compensation?

Last edited 1 month ago
29 days ago

John Leonard the engineer advocated for reinforced concrete bridge building. There’s a lot still in use in CA. Fernbridge though, is the only one of his flavor of engineering still standing. The Virgina St bridge in Reno, the only other surviving example was taken down a few years back

I don’t imagine Dungan got much. Should have invested in the bridge when he had the chance. His ferry was down river a bit from Singley’s though but both out of business because of the bridge, of course. Business loss insurance did exist back then but who knows what they got out of anything. LoCo had a story on it last year.
Interestingly it mentions V. McBride having crossed the bridge in a rather interesting fashion that I think any of us over 40 has done at least once. I have some of her prints on a wall.