AAUW-Humboldt Awards Notebook Computers to Outstanding Local Students for Academic Excellence and Community Involvement

Press release from the AAUW:

The Humboldt Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) recently awarded notebook computers to two local students selected by their teachers for their outstanding high school performance and interest in continuing their education.  

young woman holding a certificate

East High (Fortuna) student Annarose Goldman

Annarose Goldman graduated from East High School in Fortuna at the end of May. She will be attending College of the Redwoods and majoring in plant sciences with a goal of transferring to a four-year program afterwards. At East High, Annarose participated in a multitude of activities including dog walking at Miranda’s Rescue, volunteering at Korobi Stables, gardening at Humboldt HydroFarms, and participating daily in art class. According to school counselor Natalie Heckman, she made an effort to attend every volunteer opportunity and was always eager to spend her time giving back to the community.

Anicia Boquet recently earned her high school diploma from Eureka Adult School and is enrolled at College of the Redwoods where she will be taking the prerequisite courses to enter the nursing program. Her goal is to eventually become a nurse practitioner. Her teacher Rebecca Twiss noted that Anicia’s motivation, work ethic, and high standards are characteristics that not only make her an exemplary student, but will enable her to accomplish her goals and be an asset to the healthcare community.

two older woman presenting an award to a young woman in a pink dress.

AAUW-H representative Mary Lou Lowry (left) with Eureka Adult School student Anicia Boquet (center) and her teacher Rebecca Twiss (right)

For over 40 years, AAUW-Humboldt has been offering an annual award to one or two outstanding female high school students, recently focusing on those in Continuation High School programs. The dictionaries that were originally awarded have been replaced by digital tools, with this year’s awardees each receiving a notebook computer.

AAUW-Humboldt’s mission is to advance gender equity through research, education, and advocacy. In addition to this award to outstanding high school students, the branch provides scholarships to women re-entering Cal Poly-Humboldt as upper division or graduate students, supports local girls’ attendance at Tech Trek (a summer science and math camp for girls who will enter eighth grade in the fall), and community action projects. It also hosts monthly meetings to promote community engagement. For more information, see https://humboldt-ca.aauw.net/.


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Winifred Creamer
Winifred Creamer
1 month ago

AAUW Humboldt gives other scholarships and support to women and girls. I belong, and it’s a great group.

Permanently on Monitoring
Permanently on Monitoring
1 month ago

My Mother was an AAUW member (UC Berkeley 1950)…

Congrats to the recipient!