Cinco de Mayo Humboldt Restaurants Giving to English Express

This is a press release from English Express, a DreamMaker Program of The Ink People:

Cinco de Mayo Giving Participants. Staff at Pachanga Mexicana Restaurant. Owner Belem Espitia, right.

Seventeen local Mexican restaurants will give a percentage of their sales on Cinco de Mayo (Sunday, May 5, 2024) to English Express, a local nonprofit.

The contributions will help provide free year-round English language classes, preparation for the U.S. citizenship exam and interview, and resources for our local immigrant communities.

“We’re so happy these small local businesses are once again helping us,” said English Express’ Mary Ann Hytken.

Founded in 2016 by Mary Ann Hytken, English Express, a DreamMaker Program of The Ink People, has helped over 500 adult learners and their families gain the English language skills they need for success.

“Many of the restaurant owners, employees and family members have turned to English Express over the years to improve their English language skills for work, home and school,” Hytken said.

“They are eager to give back and help others,” Hytken added.

Participating restaurants:


      • Carmela’s Mexican Restaurant – 1701 Central Ave.
      • Luzmila’s Mexican Restaurant –1751 Central Ave.


      • Carmela’s Mexican Restaurant – 1288 G St.
      • El Chipotle – 850 Crescent Way
      • Fiesta Grill & Cantina –3525 Janes Rd.
      • Valley Azteca Mexican Restaurant – 5000 Valley West Blvd.


      • El Fogon Costeño Mexican Food – 518 Henderson St.
      • Fiesta Café & Cantina – 823 Broadway St.
      • Las Michoacanas Mexican Restaurant – 1111 5th St.
      • Los Gallos Taqueria – 3300 Broadway St.
      • Luis’s Mexican Restaurant – 946 West Ave.
      • Pachanga Mexicana Restaurant – 1802 5th St


      • El Paisano Mexican Taqueria – 1095 S. Fortuna Blvd.
      • La Costa Mexican Restaurant – 664 S. Fortuna Blvd.
      • Locha’s Mexican Restaurant – 751 S. Fortuna Blvd.

Rio Dell

      • The Patron Kitchen –70 Wildwood Ave.


      • El Cora Mexican Restaurant – 445 Conger St.

“We know it’s tough for small businesses these days. Having these eateries open their hearts by sharing their earnings on Cinco de Mayo means so much to us and the hundreds of people we serve!” Hytken said.

Hytken added, “Let’s celebrate! Have a good meal! You can help a local business and a nonprofit!”


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Country Joe
17 days ago

We’ll be sure to make our donation for English Express at Locha’s Mexican Restaurant – 751 S. Fortuna Blvd…

Ben Round
Ben Round
16 days ago

Good cause. Let’s help our immigrant friends assimilate easier.
Pachanga is a good, more traditional place to eat. The staff there is always friendly, and the food is great! Thumbs uP!