Looking for a Pup? Meet Priscilla

german shepherd type dog Looking to add a furry friend to your family? Meet Priscilla, a sweet dog who’s staying at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter and looking for a forever home.

The Shelter Staff say Priscilla is an energetic dog. She loves to snuggle and play games like chasing a pole or pulling on a rope. She’s ready to make you laugh and bring excitement to your day.

She’s also good with other dogs and enjoys playing with them. Priscilla doesn’t really care about cats, which means she could fit well into a home with different kinds of pets.

Right now, Priscilla weighs about 35 pounds and she’s still growing. She’s going to be a medium-sized dog when she’s fully an adult. She’s cute and friendly and will make a wonderful addition to any family.

If you think Priscilla could be the right dog for you, don’t wait to get in touch. Visit the Humboldt County Animal Shelter’s website at humboldtgov.org/2658/Animal-Shelter, fill out an application to be pre-approved, and set up a time to meet her.

Think about bringing Priscilla into your life. It’s a kind act that will give you a loyal companion who will share many happy moments and create loving memories with you.


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Giant Squirrel
Giant Squirrel
1 month ago

Really appreciate all Kym’s efforts in getting animals placed in forever homes. Most of the animals better companions then a lot of humans so get you one!

tru matters
tru matters
1 month ago

People pleaser Priscilla a playful pet.