Igniting Impact with $100 Donations, Mendocino Nonprofit Set to Award Local Organization Up to $10K

100 women strong flyerIn ten days, a Mendocino nonprofit, 100 Women Strong, will combine their collective donations to empower a local nonprofit. Over 100 enthusiastic members have committed to donating $100 each, with the pooled funds earmarked for supporting a local nonprofit organization. Notably, 100% of these contributions will directly benefit the chosen nonprofit, ensuring maximum impact without administrative fees or overhead.
Scheduled for Thursday, April 18, from 6 to 7:30 PM (with pre-event snacks and wine starting at 5:30), the occasion promises excitement as Art Explorers, Inc., Kelley House Museum, and MendoLatino vie for support through compelling ten-minute pitches. Donors who have contributed $100 will have the opportunity to cast their votes for the most compelling presentation, with the selected organization receiving a live announcement of up to $10,000 in funding. Additionally, any surplus donations beyond this threshold will be distributed among the other nominees, further amplifying community support.
Enthusiastic organizers invite all to participate and witness the impact of collective giving firsthand. For those eager to engage, further information and donation opportunities are available at their website. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference!

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