[UPDATE] Fire Damages Home on Blue Rock Road in Benbow

House fire in Benbow

[Photos provided by Garberville Fire Department]

Last night, firefighters were called to a blaze in a home located on Blue Rock Road in Benbow, just south of Garberville. The fire, which caused significant damage to a residential property, is currently under investigation to determine its cause.House fire in Benbow

Garberville Fire Chief Tim Tietz, who served as the Incident Commander, shared some details about the incident. “It could possibly have started around the chimney, he said. “It’s really hard to tell…We don’t know if it started because of the fireplace or not. It burned up about 400 ft.² of the upstairs… The property has probably got $30,000 to $50,000 in damage,” he told us.House fire in Benbow

Fortunately, there were no reported injuries. The investigation is ongoing.House fire in Benbow

UPDATE: Kudos and many thanks to Redway Fire Protection District who were shoulder to shoulder with Garberville Fire stopping the spread of this blaze. Please consider donating to either or both or your own local fire department. See comment section for details on how to donate.

Prepared with the assistance of Lisa Music.


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10 days ago

Thank God no one was injured or killed in that fire. A big thank you to Redway Fire and Garberville Fire for putting the fire out before the whole home was lost.

Georga B
Georga B
10 days ago

You saved the house! Well done, Firefighters!!