‘ANATOMICA: A Comedy About Meat, Bones, & The Skin You’re In’ at Carlo Theatre on April 19

This is a press release from Dell’Arte International:

Photos: Amica Hunter in ANATOMICA. Photo credit: Elena Escobado

Dell’Arte International is proud to present ANATOMICA: A Comedy About Meat, Bones, & The Skin You’re In on April 19, 2024 at 8pm at the Carlo Theatre in Blue Lake, California.

“Amica Hunter’s stand-up set disguised as a serious science lesson is like the mutant love child of Laurie Anderson and David Attenborough…Anatomica is an hour of chewy, fleshy charm.”

               ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 stars out of 5)               -Fish Griwkowsky, The Edmonton Journal

ANATOMICA is a critically acclaimed show created by Amica Hunter that features a guided meditation from the perspective of a worm, a slew of scientific facts about a variety of animals, a butt-faced crab (you’ll just have to come to find out), and communication with the audience via a long plastic tube. Part stand up, part story-telling, and part clown, ANATOMICA is a hilarious, captivating, and sometimes-unsettling comedy about Amica’s personal experience living with chronic pain, as well as the pros and cons of the different skeletal systems found in nature. With candidness and a comfortably casual tone, Amica reviews the three skeletal systems found in earthly organisms, and discusses the limitations of each one. What would it be like to inhabit a body completely alien from our classic human form? ANATOMICA is an investigation of the inadequacies of different animal body models, and a celebration of the absurdity of being trapped in a body that is limited by pain, fatigue, and ultimately decay. But, you know, make it fun.

 Amica is a queer, nonbinary, multidisciplinary artist and performer who has been devising, performing, and producing shows since 2012. They create unique, adaptable live experiences that feel raw, intimate, absurd, and playful.

“Hunter is relatable, engaging, and infinitely likable…an expertly crafted piece of theatre… you’ll walk away wondering what you’ve just seen and wishing for more.” – The Sappy Critic

“Effortlessly funny and great at what they do!” – Winnipeg Fringe Reviews

ANATOMICA has played at the Edmonton Fringe Festival (the second biggest fringe festival in the world),  the Rogue Festival in Fresno, CA, the Orlando and Winnipeg Fringe Festivals, and won Pick of the Fringe Award in Cincinnati, OH in 2023.

Amica’s previous work was as part of a duo company – A Little Bit Off. Since 2012, the company toured original works around the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, and became known for its slapstick stylings and strong vintage aesthetics.  A Little Bit Off’s shows have garnered international parise and over two dozen awards, including Edmonton Fringe Artists’ Pick in 2015, and Patron’s pick the following year. They have made quite the impact – from the aeronautical balloon obsessed aviators of Beau & Aero, or the maid and butler combatting rats in Bella Culpa, to the silly hoverboarding nuns in Bad Habits, or the two grave-robbing conmen in A Grave Mistake, a choose-your-own-adventure show that played at the Edmonton Fringe last year. Their flavor of comedy and slapstick led LA’s Valley Scene Magazine to describe them as “Like Charlie Chaplin or Harold Lloyd,” and both the San Diego Free Press and the London Free Press have called their work “physical comedy at its best.”

Amica Hunter’s Anatomica will play just once at the Carlo Theatre at 131 H Street in Blue Lake, CA on April 19 at 8 pm. Recommended for ages 13+. Tickets are available at dellarte.com for $20 in advance or for $15 / $20 / $25 (ticket tiers for a “buyers choice” amount) at the door. For more information visit Dell’Arte’s website or call 707-668-5663.


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Ben Round
Ben Round
2 months ago

We are SO fortunate to have an internationally respected theater company in Humboldt county! I think I can make this show. Sound great and very interesting!!