86th Redwood Region Logging Conference: ‘Growing a Stronger Industry for the Next Generation, One Tree at a Time’

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Farm Bureau:

The 86th Redwood Region Logging Conference is set to be a grand celebration of the timber industry in the Redwood Region. With the theme of ‘Growing a Stronger Industry for the Next Generation, One Tree at a Time,’ this conference aims to promote and celebrate the industry’s dedication to sustainability for future generations.

The conference has something for everyone! From equipment demonstrations to wildlife shows, logging sports competitions, and more, attendees can engage with various aspects of the industry. This event is for industry players, the public, and local communities interested in learning more about the timber industry and its importance in the region.

One of the highlights of the 86th Conference will be the Gin Fizz Breakfast. This breakfast serves as the annual meeting of the membership. RRLC will recognize Bob Canevari of Canevari Timber as the 2024 Achievement Award winner and Gloria Cottrell of Three Rivers Logging as the 2024 Shining Star recipient. The conference offers a diverse range of activities and events. Attendees can look forward to equipment demonstrations featuring firewood processors, portable sawmills, grapple systems, fireboxes, historical displays, and old-time equipment. Attendees will also have the opportunity to enjoy wildlife shows, where Gabe Kerschner of Conservation Ambassadors will introduce them to various wild animals, sharing his passion and knowledge for wildlife conservation.

This year the American Western Forestry Clubs (AWFC) Conclave will be in conjunction with the conference, bringing together student-athletes from 9 Western colleges and universities. The final highlight of the conference is the 2nd annual John Iversen Invitational Logging Sports Competition on Sunday, where college teams from Oregon and CA will compete for a perpetual trophy created by Mad Metals and Ancient Redwood RV Park.

With free parking and free admission, the 86th Redwood Region Logging Conference is the perfect weekend activity for all. Whether you’re an industry player, a student, or a local community member, this conference provides an opportunity to engage with the timber industry and learn about its history and future in the Redwood Region. The conference is open to the public on Thursday, March 14, from 2-5 and Friday and Saturday from 9-5.

Please mark your calendars for the 86th Redwood Region Logging Conference and join us in celebrating and promoting the timber industry. Together, we can grow a stronger industry for the next generation, one tree at a time. Visit our website at www.rrlc.net for more information.


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Chuck U
Chuck U
4 months ago

If you wondering, it’s a lot of fun!

4 months ago

It’s not the fir and pine region.