Odie Has a Lot to Offer

crazy eyes


With striking eyes and perky ears, Odie stands out handsomely.  His favorite activities included exploring smells, admiring vistas, playing with other dogs, and responding to calls for treats with a smile.  An enthusiastic tail wagger, he doubles down when awaiting treats.  Odie showcased good recall and a charming sit during a snow outing with a volunteer.  Odie’s joyous demeanor and ability to check in with his human and canine friends make him a delightful companion and a great potential addition to a loving family.  Odie is 4 years old and 57 lbs.

getting away

coming back

all in fun

Call the Humboldt County Animal Shelter at 707-840-9132 to set up a meeting. If you already know what you want, you can fill out the adoption application right here: Adoption Application.


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Kicking Bull
Kicking Bull
1 month ago

*Odie has oodles to offer
Ojos works too if you gusta picante

tru matters
tru matters
1 month ago

Odie often outsmarts opportunistic owls ogling our outdoor ornaments.

Last edited 1 month ago