Makenu at Dell’Arte: ‘An Evening of Psychedelic Cumbia!’

This is a press release from Dell’Arte International:

Listo a bailar? Dell’Arte International hosts a high energy concert with Makenu  on Saturday, Feb. 24 in the Carlo Theater in downtown Blue Lake. With catchy rhythms and hypnotic melodies, the band has created a mix of traditional cumbia roots with ska, hip hop, psychedelic sounds, rock, Latin American music and tropical vibes.

Makenu  is not just a band; it’s a rhythmic celebration that breathes life into the soul of every listener. Hailing from diverse musical backgrounds, the members of Makenu have come together to create a fusion of cumbia that transcends borders and captures the essence of joy.

The band met in California and is made up of musicians from Chile, Argentina, Perú, and the United States. Makenu features Jaime (vocals), Hernan (keyboards), Marco (guitar), Liza (bass), Joha (drum set), Erick (timbales), Richy (guiro), and Amaru (congas).

Makenu is on a mission to redefine the cumbia experience with a repertoire that seamlessly blends traditional cumbia elements with modern influences. Their performances are not just concerts; they’re immersive journeys into celebration, where the magic of cumbia comes alive and  every beat is an invitation to join the movement.

Audiences say:

“At a Makenu concert, you’re not just a spectator; you’re a participant , Makenu doesn’t just play music; they create a vibe”

“I’ve never experienced anything like Makenu live! The fusion of styles, the energy, it’s like they bottled the essence of celebration and poured it out on stage.”

To purchase tickets visit our website at Patrons must be 21 and over.  Concessions will be available onsite.

Keep your eyes out for more music shows throughout the year! For more information about the show or to inquire about playing music in the Carlo please call (707) 502-2108


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