CR President’s Grant Funding Pilot Program for Yearlong Student Success Program

Press release from the College of the Redwoods: 

College of the Redwoods CR Logo IconThe College of the Redwoods President’s Economic Innovation Grant has awarded $22,000 to CR’s Multicultural & Equity Center and True North Organizing Network (True North) to pilot a yearlong Student Success program for 12 seventh- to twelfth-grade students from historically underrepresented communities in the Eel River Valley.

The program, which began in September of 2023 and will continue through the 2024 school year and into the summer, is an intensive, cohort-based support system that helps to ensure the students are well-prepared to pursue higher education at CR, Cal Poly Humboldt, and/or workforce opportunities once they have graduated.

Meetings will take place on CR’s campus throughout the school year, allowing students to familiarize themselves with the campus, access reference resources, pursue dual and concurrent enrollments opportunities, and develop steppingstones on the way to their post-high school pursuits.

Under the guidance of CR’s Assistant Director of Student Equity Irene Gonzalez-Herrera and Director of the Multicultural and Equity Center (MEC) Dr. Kintay Johnson, students are mentored by MEC student-staff who provide homework assistance and tutoring, advising on A-G requirements and Guided Pathways, career assessment and exploration, college and work site visits, enrichment activities, and service learning.

Students were selected based on their participation in the Eel River Valley Partnership (ERVP) or recruited by referral from teachers and school staff at Loleta School, Toddy Thomas Middle School, and Fortuna High School.

The ERVP’s Key Leaders Advisory Group consist of leaders across multiple sectors, such as education, health, and law enforcement, as well as constituents including teachers, parents, and students. The Key Leaders Advisory Group will support the Student Success project by contributing community assessment data, leveraging resources, and seeking additional funding to ensure the sustainability of this project.

True North provides support to families of diverse faith traditions, races, cultures and economic capacities to alleviate the systemic pain felt by marginalized communities throughout Humboldt, Del Norte, and Tribal lands. Their organizing has addressed issues from water quality & the environment, to immigrant rights, homelessness, and public education.


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