Danny Simons: ‘The garage door will always be open…’

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Danny Simons
June 3, 1950 – January 16, 2024

Danny Simons, aged 73, peacefully passed away at his residence in Holmes Flat on January 16, 2024.

Born in Scotia, CA, on June 3, 1950, Danny was the son of the late Bruce and Janet Lewis. He is survived by his daughter, Danielle Simons, grandchildren Justice Simons and JT Silverstein, sister and brother-in-law Connie and Jerry Walling of Washington, sister Jackie Bruner of Santa Rosa, sister and brother-in-law Penny and Roy Clements of Alaska, and seven nieces and nephews. In heaven, he is reunited with his beloved son, Shane Simons.

The initial five years of Danny’s life were spent on a dairy farm in Arcata, where he cherished farm animals, played in the barn, had a fondness for toys with wheels, and preferred outdoor play. His favorite toys included his John Deere farm set and peddled tractor, reflecting his love for farm life since his early days. Inspired by his childhood idol, Daniel Boone, he proudly wore his coonskin hat.

The family relocated to Holmes Flat when Danny was six. During his elementary school years, he thrived in the freedoms of growing up in the country during the 50s and 60s. Social and with many friends, young and old, Danny had a fulfilling childhood.

Family was paramount to Danny. The love he had for his two children, parents and grandparents was undeniable, evident when he shared stories of his life. Despite being the little brother to three sisters, he was quick to defend them, always cherishing the visits and phone calls over the years. He showed the same adoration when his grandchildren were born. Being a grandfather brought him great pride and joy, and he loved to brag about their accomplishments to anyone who would listen.

Not one to have a desire to stray far from home, Danny enjoyed farm life to its fullest. He was a loyal and trustworthy friend who was always willing to extend a helping hand. Those who knew him well understood that if the garage door was open, he was just waiting for a visit with a beer fridge stocked full and a greeting of “grab a beer and sit down.”

For more than 40 years, Danny worked as a diesel mechanic for Lewis Logging, earning a reputation throughout Humboldt County as the go-to person to fix anything. Even in retirement, he could be found under a piece of equipment or the hood of a car, working on his own projects or helping others with theirs.

An avid fisherman, he spent hours at the river with a six pack of bud, a cigar, and his dog just waiting for a bite. Flashing that well known smile upon his return whether the fish were biting or not, just happy to have been at the river. Neighbors could see that same smile from out in the field while he bounced along on his tractor, cutting and bailing hay for the flat. A joy and a job he inherited from his father and, even during his season of sickness, refused to give up.

Danny’s passion for racing was undeniable, bringing him immense joy, whether cruising in his ’55s, pushing the limits in his Corvette, or trailering his yellow trucks to the strip for quarter-mile races. Known as “Dan the Man,” racing was in his blood, and he lived for each thrilling moment on the track.

Danny will be missed by everyone who knew him. The dependable, hardworking, funny, and sincere man of few words with the hands of a giant left a mark on his community and his family. He loved deeply, had strength beyond words, and spoke the truth at all costs.

A celebration of life will be held at 1:00 PM on Sunday, February 25th at the Fortuna River Lodge, located at 1800 Riverwalk Dr, Fortuna, CA. Family, friends, and those who wish to pay their respects, are invited to gather and share memories of Danny Simons.

~ The garage door will always be open…


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Jim Dogger
Jim Dogger
4 months ago

Never met him but he sounds like he was a helluva dude. May the steelies always bite in heaven.

4 months ago
Reply to  Jim Dogger

same, and cheers to that!
What an awesome way to welcome neighbors to chill!